Towards a Fine First Date

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First date – the date that makes you feel goose bumps, excitement and other mixed emotions. This is usually the time when you do not know what to expect of the person you are going to meet. You are probably asking if you would jive right away, or would you bore one another. These tips can surely make some of the jitters controllable enough.

Fine Date

Dress up according to your date plan. If you plan to have dinner, then this may call for little less revealing clothes. If you plan to go out partying after, wear something that can be made into something more laid back for a party.

Think of some light topics that will surely keep the conversation going. Say, a favorite show or music. This would surely keep them talking about their favorites. You can also ask some simple questions about their jobs; just make sure that these are not too detailed questions, as it may also tend to bore you or them. General things like movies and sports are safe subjects, but avoid strong subjects like religion, politics, war or stuff like that.

When you ask anything, make sure that you also give them honest answers. Do not try to answer questions that you do not have idea about. If they ask you about a movie you have not seen, do not try to make your story to impress them, and just tell that that you have not. There is no point in making something up for such a petty thing. In case you both opt for a second date, you can suggest you watch it together.

Do not fake interest. If you enjoy your topic, then show it. Ask some more questions. But if you are not really keen on the new topic, you can always, smoothly turn to the other direction. If your date is sensitive enough, they would probably steer that way to. The point is, if none of you enjoys a topic, move on to the next. In case your date is not very sensitive, you can tell them in a nice way that you are not comfortable with the topic and then movee to another one.

Do not be afraid to show some emotion, if you feel like laughing a little at an amusing comment, go ahead. There is also nothing wrong in showing a little empathy if the moment calls for it. Just make sure that you do not over do it and move on.

Make an effort to be a little more chivalrous. Some men may still be thinking on whether to open the door for the ladies or not. Well, ladies still appreciate that, opening doors, a little escort on the right direction, or on climbing up or down stairs. These small gestures are actually noticed. Men, just do not treat ladies as if they are old ones.

Keep your attention to your date. There are instances that you may be distracted, like a loud noise, or something, but make sure that these are really loud ones that call attention, if not, then your date might think they are boring you to death. This also includes putting your phone in silent mode so that you will not be put off by unnecessary calls or messages.

Make eye contact. Eye contact is a good way to show that you are interested in what they are saying and you are listening to what they are saying. Besides, eye contact also shows that you are not hiding anything from your date. A nod every now and then also helps in bringing across that you understand what they are saying. At the same time, this would also ensure that you are not just hearing but really listening.

Be considerate of your date. Just in case that they hint you about an early morning by tomorrow, or a hectic, tiring day that day, you may offer them if they would like to end the night earlier. This is a good way to show that you are still concerned about them. If your date graciously denies but you can already see the yawning in their eyes, then you can sincerely tell them that it is alright. They may be a little shy about it. Besides, you can tell them jokingly that you would just make up the next time.