What to Do on a First Date to Increase Chances of a Second Date

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First impressions always stick in whatever you do, especially when taking a girl that you like out on a first date. It doesn’t matter if you already know or feel comfortable with her; you may still have to go through the “first date” motions for her to stay interested. Bringing her on a first date requires strategy and finesse so that you can be sure to get a second date as well. Many people make the mistake of thinking that a first date without taking the extra effort and attention to detail will surely get them a second date. Many girls feel that the first date, no matter how long they’ve known a guy, is the make and break of a potential relationship.

First Date

The last thing you want is to get dumped even before you ask the girl to go steady with you. So, increase your chances in getting a second date by carefully following these tips and paying more attention to things that girls find important when they are being wooed for the first time:

1. Pay attention to your looks and hygiene when you go out on your first date. Girls like a guy to smell good, look good, or at least look like they took a little extra effort to look and smell nice for the first date. Don’t ask a girl out on a date after football practice and go straight from practice to take her out for dinner without showering. By doing this, the girl will not feel special at all and will think that you don’t care about her feelings. Always take a shower before the date, brush your teeth, put on some great smelling deodorant and cologne, and take an extra breath mint before leaving the house. You want your girl to feel special with the nice-smelling, fresh-breathed person she will sit across and pay attention to.

2. If you plan on driving your date, make sure your car is good enough for her to be transported in. Many men tend to treat their car like their second home and usually end up making a food and paper mess in their cars. Make sure you clean out your car before you have a date. Vacuum the interior, wash the body, and put some car freshener in to make it smell good. A guy’s car reveals a lot about a guy’s personality. Impress your date by presenting her with a chariot that is worthy of carrying her around the town.

3. Do you know where you are taking your date? Make sure that you take her somewhere special or unique that will surely impress her. Be creative. If in the past she spoke of a restaurant where her parents romantically met, take her to the same restaurant so that she feels that you really listen to her and are attuned to her feelings. If she is more adventurous, plan a picnic on the beach or a faraway mountainside restaurant to enjoy the city view. Find out what food she enjoys and be sure to take her to a place where she will surely enjoy the food. If she enjoys seafood, take her to a place where great seafood dishes are a specialty. You can even surprise a date by making her a special home-cooked meal which is guaranteed to get you all the extra points you need to ask her on a second date!

4. Listen to your date and be interested in what she is talking about. Remember, this date is not all about you, it is about her and making her feel special and exceptional. Ask many questions and follow-up questions and take mental note of her likes and dislikes. You can use this information in the succeeding dates that you will have with her to keep her interested in you. Refrain from going down a list of sexual exploits, and avoid talking about sex at all! Be nice to the restaurant staff and make the evening a pleasant one, not just for you, but for those around you. Keep your focus on your date and don’t let your eyes wander to other attractive women in the room. By following these simple pieces of advice, you will be sure to get a second date because you deserve it!