What to Do when Dating a Very Attractive Woman

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There are times in your life, and to your surprise, that you find yourself in a situation when you have asked a very attractive woman out and she has said yes! So now that the hardest part is over, the even harder part is, how do you make yourself attractive to this already very attractive woman? Many guys get intimidated by attractive women because they feel that they are shooting too high if they even think of asking them out. So they are just content to blend in with the background and just look at her. Eventually, they think that a much more attractive and confident man will ask her out.


But wouldn’t it be nice if you could take on the role of the confident and attractive once in a while? In fact, when you see some guys who date great looking women, you wonder how they even got her in the first place. They don’t look that handsome and sometimes don’t even care about their appearance. How do they do it? It’s not so difficult, just look at yourself and find out what needs improvement. Here are a few tips on what to do when dating a very attractive woman:

1. She said yes to you when you asked her out, so just continue what you’re doing! In other words, just be yourself! If this attractive lady saw something in you that made her even consider saying yes, then there must be something about you that attracts her to you. It is a myth that all attractive women are asked out all the time. In fact, many attractive women find it lonely because men feel too intimidated to ask them out. It is refreshing to have a man ask her out, especially if he is just being natural and being himself.

2. Don’t be so nervous about approaching beautiful women. The problem with guys is that once they see a beautiful woman, they get nervous and tongue-tied and end up making fools of themselves. Just relax, treat her as you would do any other person, and have a little more confidence in yourself. It helps a lot to pay a little more attention to your own looks. Get a nice haircut before the date, wear something comfortable but up-to-date clothes, and definitely smell good. This way the woman will also know that you took the extra effort to be presentable for her.

3. Look at yourself and improve the way you look at yourself! In other words, build up your self confidence. If you look at yourself in the mirror and say “This isn’t the kind of guy girls would sleep with” then you will definitely become exactly that kind of guy! Try to think better of yourself and imagine yourself to be the kind of guy that girls go crazy over. Go out and get a makeover to make you feel even more confident. Again, be yourself, talk about things that interest you and not things your think would interest her. If you speak with confidence, it will unquestionably keep her attention and she will look at you as an attractive, confident and intelligent man who knows what he wants out of life.

4. Learn a few things like what to say and do to create some sexual tension between you and the attractive woman. It all lies in the way that you look at her, the way that you hold her hand, or even the way you act like a gentleman. Most women will judge a man on the first date by the way he treats her. So open up doors for her. When crossing the street, keep your hand on the small of her back to guide her. When in crowds, put your arm around her to keep people away and to make her feel safe. Let her order first and always be polite to the restaurant waiters and service people. These are small things that she will note and admire if you pull them off just right. Learn how to compliment her and make her blush. This will definitely create the sexual tension that you need for the evening.