What Your Boyfriend Won’t Tell You, But You Should Know

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After you have started going steady with your boyfriend, you feel you know so much about him that you think you know how he thinks and feels about everything. But don’t get too confident about that because there are some things that a boyfriend will never tell you. This may sound bad, but then everyone is entitled to their own little thoughts and secrets that never have to be revealed. So, when you are with your boyfriend, here are some things that he won’t tell you but that you should probably know:


• He wants to be exclusive, no matter how much you think he’ll wander off into another girl’s arms. Guys are similar to girls, they like to have an exclusive relationship where they can share their feelings with the other person and whom they can have a special bond with. Girls are fond of thinking that men like to jump from girl to girl, but this is not true in most cases. Guys honestly do want a nice healthy relationship just as much as you do.

• He’ll introduce you to his friends and he wants them to like you, but not fall in love with you. This is when you can assure him that you only have eyes for him, and not his friends. If his friends covet you, then that is their problem. There have been many instances when friends have stolen girlfriends away from good friends. When he introduces you to friends, be friendly but not sensual. Be decent by sticking by your man and keeping all your love and affection directed at him.

• When you are with someone already, stop playing hard to get when you are officially dating. He will just get tired of your games and start looking somewhere else where his attention is appreciated. So when he shows his affection, respond in kind and stop playing games.

• When he introduces you to friends, he doesn’t want you to love them so much that you will start hanging out with them without him. Don’t go out of your way to be too friendly with his friends and eventually making them buddies. You are not competing with him in terms of who gets more friends than the other. He also won’t appreciate you taking over his spot in his circle of friends it will just make him insecure that you are just as accepted on the same level as he is. Although it will come to this eventually, don’t force the issue and make extra efforts to get into his circle of friends right away. Let him have his friend time separately from his alone time with you. That way he can stay secure with himself and your relationship with him.

• He doesn’t want you to know details of him and his past girlfriends. Guys are very different from girls and reveal much less about themselves than girls often do. They are very uncomfortable about talking about previous relationships because honestly, they’d rather move on and focus on the current relationship with you. Neither do they want to hear you comparing them to old lovers either. This just makes them even more insecure and makes them feel that they have so much more to do before you can stop talking about these other guys that seem to occupy your mind.

• You may not believe this, but your guy is afraid that you will eventually dump him. You may think that it is something that is beyond their normal way of thinking, but yes, guys get insecure enough to be afraid that you will dump them and that they will be left alone again. They will never tell you of course because it sounds so petty and immature, but like girls, they have the same kinds of insecurities and fears that keep them worrying.

With this information you will realize that guys are just as soft and sensitive as any of us girls. So be sensitive to his needs and insecurities because now you know that he’s not part of the “usual” group of guys you keep hearing about and assuming that he’d be a part of.