What Your Girlfriend Won’t Tell You, But You Should Know

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Let’s face it, girls are such mysterious creatures, and for guys like us, solving girl mysteries is not exactly something we excel at. However, there is still hope. With this article we will be able to pinpoint some of the things that our girlfriends do not tell us and which we should know, just so we can anticipate their reactions. Here are some things your girlfriend won’t tell you but you probably should know:


1. Girls love the thrill of the chase. So, when you are already her boyfriend, anticipate a little more chasing to keep her interested. The chase is always the biggest and most fun part of the relationship game. As long as you can keep the thrill going, then you can guarantee that she will be interested in keeping the relationship going. Girls feel that the hardest and most important part of the relationship game is the part when the guy is wooing her. This is the part which requires the most effort, most time, and most creativity on the guy’s part. Once the girl says yes to you and the chase is over, they start to feel insecure all over again because you are not putting in the little extra effort to win her over every day. Girls find it romantic to keep guys wanting to express their love and devotion. They don’t want them to get too comfortable with the fact that the girl is theirs and there is no need to do another chase.

2. It’s not all about just me and you all the time, take time out and spend it with your friends just like how I want girl time with my friends. It’s not true that girls get overly possessive and want their guys hanging out by their sides 24/7 and affording them every bit of attention that they can muster. Girls want their own girl time with their girlfriends, just like they want their boyfriends to spend time with their friends as well. Girls understand that friendships are important and they need to be nurtured and maintained. So don’t underestimate your girlfriend by questioning her when she suggests you spend time with your friends. Many times she means just that – spend more time with your friends!

3. Getting to know your friends is essential to girls because they want to know who you spend time with and who influences you amongst your peers. However, there is no need to rush in getting to know her friends since she’d rather keep it that way for a while. It’s a natural girl thing to feel that you shouldn’t meet her friends (some of which are very hot) until she is ready. Girls will always be insecure about their friends, no matter how close they are to one another, the same reason why some guys think that all is fair in love and war. Aside from this, she doesn’t want her boyfriend getting too chummy with her friends that her friends will end up spilling some less-than-desirable information about her to her new boyfriend.

4. When a girlfriend says that something is “okay,” then she probably means the opposite, so don’t go dropping the subject just yet. When she says “fine” that doesn’t mean that it is. Read into what your girlfriend is saying because when she is curt in her reply of “ok” to your excitement about going with your pals to a wild party you are not invited to, then it probably means that it is not okay, that you should be more sensitive to her feelings, and that you shouldn’t go but stay with her instead of meeting new girls somewhere else.

5. Now that you are her boyfriend, she becomes a little more insecure because usually “taken men” are a sexier target for single girls. So be careful when you talk to other girls in front of her. Don’t seem too interested in what they are saying and don’t allot too much of your time entertaining another girl when your girlfriend is in the same place as you are. The more you pay attention to other girls, the more insecure you will make your girlfriend, so reassure her by giving her you undivided attention when you are together.