Where to Bring Her on Your First Date

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One of the biggest problems guys are faced with when taking a girl on a first date is where to take her. Depending on what the girl likes and what the guy knows about his date, he can surely figure out some unique or practical places to bring her so that she can enjoy herself. But for those guys who just need a list of choice places to consider, here are a few ideas:

First Date

1. Mini Golf – if your date enjoys sports or the outdoors, taking her on a mini golf evening out might just be her thing. Golf is a non-sweaty sport which will prevent the embarrassing sweaty situations you may encounter in other sports. Golf is also very relaxing and fun. You can follow it up with a nice outdoor dinner where you can enjoy the stars and the fresh air.

2. Billiards – for the carefree girl who enjoys hanging out and a good game of pool, try out a billiards hall or bar. If she doesn’t play, then you can teach her and enjoy being close to her in the evening. You can even bet with each other where the loser would have to make a homemade dinner for your next date.

3. Picnic at the Park – Try something different, pack some wine, cheese, fruits, and mini sandwiches and take your date to the park. This way you can focus on each other while talking and snacking and enjoying the overall outdoor atmosphere. This is a romantic way to spend an early evening.

4. The Beach – Similar to the picnic, pack up some romantic snacks and drive to a nice beach for a late afternoon with your date. You can watch the sun set while you share wine and enjoy the sound of the waves lapping the shore. When it gets dark you can lie down on the blanket together and look at the stars.

5. An Outdoor Concert – Take her to an outdoor concert being offered by one of the bands that she likes. Mix it with a picnic so that you can sit around and listen to music while you snack and talk. The best part about outdoor concerts is they are usually free and not as crowded as the usual concerts held in indoor venues.

6. An Amusement Park – Amusement parks aren’t just for children, they are a great way to spend time with your date as well! Riding on a roller coaster or Ferris wheel will surely allow you to get closer and have fun. Amusement parks never disappoint when your date enjoys everything that is fun and youthful.

7. Rooftop dinner – find a place that you can use for the night and cook a homemade meal to share with your date with the fantastic view of the city at your feet. By sharing a great view, you can tweak the heartstrings of your date with the romantic setting and you will get closer as you talk and get to know each other better.

8. Parasailing or a Balloon Ride – if you have the extra cash to blow, take your date to a place that will really take her breath away, which is several hundred feet into the air. Be with her and share a fantastic view of land and sea while parasailing or ballooning. After that experience you can take her to a nice quiet dinner anywhere where you can talk about the experience and enjoy each other’s company.

9. Casino – If you are willing to spend a little more than usual, a casino is a great place to bring a date. Gambling is a fun experience and together, you and your date can try out the different games and slots offered in a casino. This is not made for all relationships, but a casino date is the way to go if you have a lady who enjoys a fun evening out.

10. A Spa – Who says that dates are all about dinner and talk? Take your special lady out to a spa and enjoy a massage together. Get the different body treatments that will make her feel beautiful and special. Later you can enjoy champagne as you both relax in a Jacuzzi.