Art of Seduction: Tips and Secret

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The degree of how comfortable people are when approached by strangers varies from person to person. Few can easily start a new conversation with anyone, anywhere at any time. This is a talent for them and they are well versed with the art of seduction. But few people find it really uncomfortable in meeting new people. And flirting with them will be a difficult task for such people. Art of seduction is thus a balancing of personality and well planned effort. It doesn’t mean that you have to be an extrovert in learning the art of seduction. If you are an outgoing type of person you can try much harder to seduce someone whom you find to be attractive.

Deciphering Signals

The basic thing that you have to learn in the art of seduction is the ability to decipher the signals of the person with whom you are trying your best to flirt with. If you are a shy type, try to find clues from the other person. Note whether the person is smiling back when you smile; whether she/he is staring at you when you are not watching them and so on. If you get a positive reaction, the door to make a contact is open.

Extroverts make it a point to make a close attention to the people’s reactions to you. Check whether the person is giving single word responses or whether they are trying to engage the conversation when you approach them. Note whether the person turns towards you after the conversation or simply continues to chat with friends without turning back. Art of seduction works well with those who want to be approached. Otherwise, you ought to give a hard try.

Taking into Flirting

Never take a sudden move to flirting when you find that the person is attracted to you. By doing so the situation might become worse. Give the person a chance to understand you better and to warm up to you. Give them the feel that you are interested in knowing about them. This gives the person to have a good attitude towards you. Engage the conversation by asking them what they do, where they stay and all. This doesn’t mean that you should shoot nonstop questions. Make them involved in the conversation by introducing about yourself, meanwhile giving a chance for them to talk back to you.

Approaching the person in the way how you want to be approached is the basic thing in the art of seduction. Try to recall the instance when someone gave you positive attention and how they did it. Rewind the conversation that you had with that person and try to understand what made that person interesting for you. The art of seduction lies in your ability to give the feeling of comfort to the person when they are with you.