Flirting: Men, Women, Tips, and Advice

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For those whoa are single or married flirting is enjoyable! Many consider flirting as a pastime, however few consider flirting as a disloyalty to the marital vows. So what is flirting in the real sense? Is it just fun? Or, something immortal?

Answers lies within you

Flirting can be considered as a safe way of luring the other sex. This plays a role in adding zing to life. Definition of flirting takes one to the road to travel and not to the destination. Thus, just like foreplay, many people extremely exciting.

Definition of flirting varies from people to people. The definition of flirting for a single will be different from that of a married one. For lesbians, gays, separated etc flirting has got a different definition. Though the definition of flirting varies, there are certain rules that you should consider at any situation.

—Flirting should not reflect vulgarity, if it becomes vulgar, the other person finds it less enjoyable.
—Definition of flirting says that there should be subtlety in seduction. If flirting lacks subtlety it simply becomes a pick-up method. But remember, if the seduction is less you might lose interest.
—In parties where alcohol is consumed and served flirting happens. In such situations, your actions become reckless and carefree and add spice to the heady feeling of flirting. In short, by behaving recklessly the actual enjoyment of flirting comes.
—Be at workplace, college, hospital or school flirting can happen anywhere. The definition of flirting defines it a method of seduction and is said to be happen at places where a minimum of two people exist.
—Flirting is a safe pastime and at rare instances it leads to a long term relationship. This is another important point in the definition of flirting. Flirting is synonymous to fun and in the preliminary stages flirting rarely crosses fun. Flirting gives a feel of wanted to the person. It makes on feel good about themselves and many loves to have the feeling to last forever.
—Fun and frolic is what makes flirting enjoyable. Also, no age limits are there for flirting. Whether you are young or old you can enjoy the fun of flirting. Thus, if played based on the rules flirting can bring real fun to your life.