Flirting with Older Women: Pros and Cons

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The Pros And Cons of Flirting With Older Women

Flirting promises you complete fun. Flirting is the best and safe way to tell someone your interest in them. There are many who love to flirt, in most of the cases flirting has lead to the beginning of new relation. Flirting thus can be considered as a sheer form of flattery. When you flirt you are able to bring out the best in you.

Difference Between Young Women And Older Women

It is said that it is easier to please a young women rather trying to please an older women, this stands true for flirting with older women. Experienced men says that they found it very easy to get the attention of a young women, but in the case of older women they were required to put forth their best efforts to convince them. The reason for this still remains intriguing. Though scientifically proven answer is not available for this people were able to come up with many guesses and suggestions. The first guess is that when a young man flirts with an older woman he loses his confidence.

Older women flaunt such a confidence for which the young man requires more effort to convince and for flirting with older women. Second assumption is that the older women knows what they really require, thus it requires the other person to try harder to figure out what it is.

The main thing that keeps younger men away from flirting older women is that they won’t respond in a positive way. Older women are more independent and they never give off a luring wave. Thus it requires more effort in convincing or pleasing the older women. Thus, a man will never go for flirting with older women unless he requires someone to hang around with. He wont approach the older women if does not have an introduction to begin with. Another thing that keeps men away from flirting with older women is that, they always look forward for a relationship with the man. If he is a person who flirts for fun he will sure keep away from older women.

For young women they love change. They love to go for dating and to freak out with their partner. But in the case of older women they have gone through such stages and what they are actually looking for is a long lasting relationship. If you are one who finds flirting as completely for fun, it is always better to keep away from older women since what they seek will be a steady relationship rather fun.