How To Find Out Guys Flirting?

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One guy appears out of the blue and starts talking with you. You don’t know who he is, but still he converses with you in a way that he knows you for years. The intention of the guy could be friendly, or he may be flirting. The task lies on your shoulders to find out what he is really up to.

If He Is In Your Personal Space, The Guy’s Flirting

Wondering what a personal space is? Well, personal space refers to the twelve inches around you. In certain situations like that of a crowded mall you happen to be in the personal space of others, you can’t help this. But at a place where the crowd is very less there is no justification for being in other personal space.

You are in such a situation. The guy is staying behind you even when there are plenty space in the room. This shows that the guy’s flirting in the subtlest way. Only those who find themselves attracted to others will behave in such a manner.

When The Guy Triggers A Conversation, Does That Mean The Guy’s Flirting?

The answer for the above question is yes for some situations and no for few. Some guys who are gifted with the talent of flirting starts up the conversation in an easier way. Many guys flirt just for fun. In the conversation if he mentions about his life partner, it indicates that the guy is trying to be friendly. If he doesn’t make any mention about his better half, it is obvious that the guy’s flirting.

Subliminal Signs That Shows The Guy’s Flirting

At times the guy flirts in a subliminal way. This is more likely to happen if he is a shy type person. A guy who lacks the confidence to convince the other sends out the subliminal signs that the guy’s flirting. In such cases, note whether the boy is staring for a long time at you, or touches your arm while talking. Dating remains stressful both guys and girls. For girls they are worried about how to please the other and for guys it is the question of how to make the first move that brings in more tension.

Did You Find The Guy Interesting?

Well, you have find out that the guy’s flirting. Now it is you who should decide whether to give encouragement to that guy or decline. Listen to what your heart says. If you find the guy to be interesting, go on and encourage him wholeheartedly.