Learn the Flirting Tips for Women to Find the Your Dream Man

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Learn the Flirting Tips for Women to Find the Your Dream Man

You happen to see him each morning when you go for a walk or he might be a friend of your friend. Whoever he is, you find a growing affection within you for him. Though flirting tips for men are listed out in many popular magazines, it is hard to find flirting tips for women. This problem is solved here by listing out the best flirting tips for women.

Figure Out What He Likes

Though this tip sounds too obvious this plays a major role in luring the dream man of yours. This tops the list of the best flirting tips for women. To find his likes just ask your friend who is a friend of his.
If he is a complete stranger, finding out his likes will be a bit tough job. Don’t give up, you can still find out the likes of your man with close observation. Watch what he is doing. Whether he is listening to the iPod or reads newspaper or what kind of coffee he prefers and so on. Make a note of all these and you can easily spark up a conversation with him.

Try To Avoid Pretending

Your close observation helps you to find out the he likes jogging. But you are the one who stays away from exercise. In such cases, never ever try to imitate him. If you do so, the end results will be not favorable. Even if you are on a date never pretend to have a liking towards the things that he likes. Such lies will weaken the relationship so be careful to avoid pretending.

Body Language

Few of the guys will remain numb to verbal flirting. In such cases put the best use of body language. Body language plays a good role in luring men. Try things like touching his shoulder when you are with him. This shows him that you are comfortable in his company and also gives a hint of attraction.

Confirm That He is Responding to Your Actions

If you didn’t get any response from your man even after you tried all the techniques, it is high time that you move on. The flirting technique won’t work good if the other person remains passive. Never feel discouraged, try your flirting techniques with a new guy. If he responds in a positive manner, then he is worth your efforts.