Learning the Art of Flirting

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Pain of a crush that you had is worse if the relation broke up without you doing anything. It became worst when the realization hits you that the person felt the same way as you are and was just waiting for you to make the first move. If you have found a new love in your life, you will never want the same thing to happen again. And for this learning the nuances of the art of flirting is what you need!

Understanding yourself is the first lesson in learning the art of flirting!

To love others you must love yourself first, goes the old saying. The same stands true for the art of flirting too. Understand the flirting tactics carefully before you try the art of flirting. Learn which flirting tactics will suit you the best. Think from your side, whether you will like if someone starts a friendly conversation by coming right to you, or will such a situation will make you feel uncomfortable or not.

Subtlety is the core factor in the art of flirting!

Aggressive flirting is agreeable with some people, but the subtlety is the core factor in the art of flirting. For instance, when you see someone interesting, make the person feel that you find he/she attractive with just a stare of yours. Remember; do not stare for a long time since it can make the person feel uncomfortable. If you happen to know the person then insert compliments in the conversation between you two.

Impress the person learning the art of flirting!

Flirt in a way giving a feel of wanting more for that person. The way you flirt should indicate seduction. Anyway, make this attempt only when you are confident that the other one is single. Well, when the art of flirting, that you learnt, takes to the sensual point, pull back a bit. This will increase the other person’s interest and curiosity since he/she understands what you are capable of.

Trying new things is always good. But for the art of flirting, try those techniques with which you feel the most comfortable. Make the person interested in you with each word of yours. Be yourself that is what you should be when it comes to the art of flirting. If you find that the person is not interested in you, then they were never the right person for you!