Speed Seduction: Situation and Tips

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Speed Seduction: Situation and Tips

All situations are not apt for seduction. Opt for speed seduction if you have only limited time to show your interest to the person. So, make it a point to limit speed seduction only for the right situation. If you have more time to spend with the person, opt for slow seduction by slowly warming up the mood of the other one. Read on to learn about the situations where speed seduction is apt.

Departure Time

The person whom you were trying to impress gives a sudden announcement that they are leaving. In such situations you ought to act faster. Give the person a feeling that you don’t want to sacrifice the limited time that you have got to share with the person. Go for a walk with the person and let the other one know that you were longing for a moment to share with them. Make a chance to meet the person in the future when you both go for a walk. Keep the suggestion of yours light, since the person knows only little about you he/she will be comfortable if you do so. Speed seduction is proven to work in most of such situations.

Crowded Circumstances

If you happen to meet a person in a crowd and you find them to be damn attractive, speed seduction is the only option that you have. When you meet a person in such situations the time that you have got is very limited, so act fast and talk fast. Give the person a smile saying that you are surprised to find yourself to be interested in him/her. Be natural when you talk. Offer your phone number to get a chance for future contact. Your spontaneity is the only thing that will result in a successful seduction.

Change The Situations

Amidst your busy schedule you find some time for lunch and rush up to the foodie shop nearby. At this moment you happen to converse with an attractive person about what made the foodie shop to be the favorite for many. The time that you have got is very limited and you ought to get back to office, at the same time you don’t want to miss this attractive person. What you will do at such a situation? Speed seduction is the only way here. Tell the other person that you are happy to meet him/her and give your business card. You can even ask them for lunch the next day at the same place. Making the good food that you get from the foodie store as a reason you can conveniently fix up a meeting for the next day. To make the best use of a brief encounter, speed seduction is the best option to opt for.