Understand Body Language and Flirting

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It is the subconscious that plays a greater role in man-woman dating. Subconscious plays as a deciding factor in how both understand each other. First impressions are considered to be the best and long lasting. Experts say that, for a person to arrive at a decision in liking or disliking a person it takes just few minutes. And it is the body language that plays a major role in this decision. This fact gives the conclusion that body language and flirting are interdependent and inseparable.

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One finds a person interesting based on the way they walk or how they carry themselves. As said before first impressions play a role in liking or disliking, that is why it is considered that body language and flirting are interwoven complexly. One can find out whether a person is flirting or not through the body language.

Also body language does not completely depend upon one thing. Thus, one should not jump at conclusions through the body language of the person. Having a proper understanding about the body language and flirting signs and the talent to notice such signals given by the person is what you require. When people who don’t know each other meet, the eyes move in a zigzag motion called the flirting triangle. In a flirtatious situation the body language will be with eyes widening in the bottom so as to include body and face as well. Powerful flirting will result in eye to eye contact and also in staring at the mouth.

Copying a person’s behavior is an important body language and flirting sign that shows that there is a lot of attraction involved. By doing so it indicates same level attraction. If you are imitating the movement of the other make it a point to wait at least for 50 seconds before mirroring the others gesture. Raising their eyebrows and letting them fall is another important body language and flirting sign. Don’t miss to catch this action since it lasts only for few seconds.

When someone is attracted to somebody, their bodies points to the direction of the person whom they find to be attractive! This is another body language and flirting sign to consider. By doing so, the person is communicating their strong interest to the other. Blinking is considered to be another vital body language and flirting sign. When a person finds someone interesting he/she tries to match the blinking rate of the other. This body language and flirting sign is fun to understand.

Always never jump on to conclusions based on the body language and flirting signs. Always look for grouped behavior patterns that reflect that the person has got real interest or curiosity in you.