For Women: Does that Man Really Love You?

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You used to be confident that you were the one special person that your man really wanted to be with, that he was in love with you. Then, you later find out you were not the only one in his life while you two dated.

It can be hard to tell the “real thing” from a fake. Many men cover their tracks very well. However, it is possible to distinguish a good man from a deceptive man.

Signs that a man is really in love with you include one or more of the following:

—He hints at a future that you are included in, and he values your input regarding important decisions that he makes.

—He gives up some of his time at work, engaging in sports activities, and so on to spend with you.

—He is willing to compromise. What this means is that he does not always have to get his way and he makes a concerted effort to see to it that you are happy.

The man tells you that he enjoys being with you. Perhaps by now he even has said that he loves you, or that he is in love with you.

—The attractive women around him do not matter to him. All that matters to him is being with you, and he chooses you over all the rest of the others. He also does not seem to waver in his decision to be with you.

—He tells you that he feels like he has known you all his life. He has mentioned that he enjoyed your lovemaking, and he has mentioned that he feels a chemistry between the two of you.

—He does not mention his ex very much, or if at all. If this is the case he may have forgotten about her and wants to get to know you better.

—He makes an effort to spend quality time with you on a regular basis. He also tells you that he cannot stop thinking about you, or that he thinks about you quite often.

—He surprises you with simple romantic gifts. He may also take you out and plans getaways for you.

It is true that a man can hide any questionable behavior very well. However, as long as he appears to be open, honest, and real with you that is very important. That is good sign that he has nothing to hide.

The opposite is true as well. Beware of the man who seems overly-secretive. Although he may have a good reason for being so, such as in the case of a man employed as a spy, in most cases you should beware if he seems more secretive than necessary.

Furthermore, you will notice whether or not he truly loves you if you have not ever caught him in a lie. Also, if you just have this “feeling” that you can trust him just following that feeling, but with caution.