How a Guy can Compliment a woman He Doesn’t Know

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A woman is a stranger until you as a guy get to know her. However, you may be so intimidated by her beauty that you are not sure you want to make that move.

The best way to reach a woman you don’t know is to be sincere, and to smiley sweetly but not too seductively. You want to make sure she knows you see her as a person and not as a sex object.

You will want to wait for a non-verbal response from the woman before you speak if there is time. For instance, she may smile back at you. This would be a cue that she is open for conversation, and that she is not only beautiful, but friendly.

Now, you may be ready to put the best possible food forward. For instance, if you are going to break the ice with her by complement her in some way it would be better if it is something other than a comment about her physical appearance.

For instance, perhaps you were out at a club and you just heard a woman sing Karaoke. If you liked how she sounded you can tell her she has a beautiful voice. Then, you may want to strike a conversation with her by asking her where she is from.

If you are standing behind a woman in line at a grocery store who appears to be in good spirits even though the cashier is slow, you can compliment her for her patience. Perhaps you can say something such as “I give you a lot of credit, you seem to be able to handling this situation well.”

She may respond with a smile and then you might ask her what her name is. If she does not seem too much in a hurry you can strike up a conversation with her and perhaps ask her out.

Also, it is okay to compliment a woman on physical attributes of her body, but it is usually better to wait until at least after you have gone on one date with her. Even then, you want to be careful not to appear too aggressive or you will scare her away.

Furthermore, while attempting to make a connection with a woman you do not know that you are attracted to try to make her feel as comfortable as possible. Perhaps she would feel more comfortable your phone number and calling you when she is ready.

If you use this approach it may help her to know that you are who you say you are. It also will help her to feel safe. Also, if she asks to meet you somewhere instead of being picked up it is best to honor that.

The more she talks to you in public the more comfortable she will feel with you. When you have established a trust with her then you may see each other more and more often.