How a Woman can annoy a Man

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To men, women are like divine creatures. Men are awed by their beauty. However, there are some definite offenses that women make that can annoy a man.

One of the pet peeves of a man is when women harshly criticize women, especially to their face. Sometimes this is a competitive thing that goes on between two or more women, because they feel threatened by other women. It is a sign of insecurity.

Moreover, men would rather a woman he likes say positive things about another woman. Also, whenever possible a woman he is with would be one who makes compliments to other women about the way they dress or look.

Furthermore, men would prefer if a woman not make a big deal out of the fact that another woman might using an out-of-season handbag or wearing an outdated pair of shoes. In general, it is in bad form to criticize other women in front of a man-especially a new date.

Another major annoyance to a man that can drive a man away is extreme jealousy. If you are a woman, try to keep any insecurity about yourself whenever possible if you value your man’s presence. The obvious exception, of course, is if the man has given you significant reason not to trust him.

Furthermore, if you do feel jealous try not to show it to the other woman. Examine your feelings, and then depending upon how long you have been dating your man, ask him if he still finds you attractive. However, never put him on the defensive and accuse him of feeling a certain way about another woman if you do not have sound proof.

Another common annoyance is when a woman makes herself too available to a man. Some men will take whatever he can get from women like this. However, he will not respect her and think of her as someone he would want to spend his life with.

Instead, he will look for a woman who is secure enough in herself to not need him all of the time. Furthermore, he will be apt to instead look for a woman who respects his privacy and personal space and who does not spy on him.

Another sign of insecurity is crying excessively and always talking down on oneself. A man cannot stand when a woman is like this all the time. Therefore, on the first few dates it is wise for a woman to leave these emotional outbursts at home.

Even if a woman had known a man for awhile, it is wise for that woman to seek outlets other than the man to handle strong and difficult emotions. It will prevent the woman from putting too much of a burden on the man and will help the woman become the kind of person a man would want to commit to.

This does not mean that a woman should never be vulnerable. In fact, a good man will respect the fact that women have a tendency to be more open than they are. Besides, they too may be vulnerable once in awhile.