How to Become more Outgoing

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You might have always been a shy person. You do not mind spending most of your time alone, but you sometimes wish you could not feel so intimidated by people.

If you are working to overcome shyness, there are a variety of steps you can take. For instance, you can take the initiative to meet people of similar interests as you:

—It would be especially of benefit to you if you find a hobby that requires interaction with other people. For instance, you may consider joining a darts league or attending a video gaming convention.

—If you are in shape physically you may want to join a volleyball, football, or basketball team. Opportunities are open to people of all athletic skill levels.

—Another option would be to volunteer for a worthy cause. Many people have made good friends while volunteering at an elementary school, church, or homeless shelter.

—You can start your own single’s group. You can plan the outings for it. Information online can be found to help you launch a successful single’s organization-something your community just may need.

—You can use the Internet to make friends. Use caution when meeting new people and do not give them your real name unless you feel comfortable doing so.
You can communicate with these people using a fake name via Instant Messenger, Internet Phone, or E-mail. You can also join online dating services.

—Get a customer service job. There is nothing more effective in dealing with shyness than taking on a retail or restaurant job where your main responsibility is taking to people.

This experience can shape you for life. It is always good to have some contact with other people, and to know how to communicate with them.

Another way to overcome shyness is to present your self confidently to people when you meet them. This starts with taking great care for your body.

For instance, before you go out for the evening you will want to style your hair appropriately. You also will want to find an attractive enough outfit that suits both your body shape and the type of establishment you are going to.

Additionally, it is good to make eye contact with people and smile more often, even at people you don’t even know. It could be people you come into contact with while entering the front door of a club, or it could be people you work side-by-side with at work. Smiling will take you a long way.

You also will want to learn how to respond to singles that someone wants to talk to you. For instance, if a person smiles back at you while you make eye contact with him or her, the person most likely wants to talk to you.

If so, do not be too nervous. Simply say hi and introduce yourself if you do not know the person, or reciprocate an introduction given. You can also as the other person his or her name if that person has not already given it to you.

If the intro goes smoothly it should naturally lead into a two-way conversation. If there is a pause you may want to think of a question fast. One of the easiest questions to ask someone you do not know is to find out where the person is from.

Try to avoid too personal of questions with someone you barely know. Likewise, use discretion regarding how much personal information you give out. True relationships take time to build, and it involves establishing a trust before “telling all.”