How to Choose the Right Time to Propose to the Woman You Love

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You love your woman, but you are wondering if she feels the same way as you. However, you are wondering if you will make a fool out of yourself if you ask her to marry you now.

Finding the right time to propose can be tricky sometimes. You want it to be a surprise, yet you want to at least be almost sure that she will say yes. Men get nervous about proposing to their girlfriends even when they know their girlfriend loves them.

Before you propose to your girlfriend you will want to consider the following:

—Have you and your girlfriend yet talked about marriage?

—If you have discussed marriage, how does your girlfriend feel about tying the knot in general at this time? (I.e. she may have said before that she probably wants to wait until she is finished with college before getting married.)

—Do you know at least a little bit about what kind of life you both would want together if you ever got married? For example, do you know how big of a house you would want or what kind of standard of living you want?

—How do you and your girlfriend feel about having children?

—Do you share enough of the same interests?

—How well do you know each other’s families?

—Are you both emotionally stable enough to handle marriage?

—Are you both responsible enough to handle this lifetime commitment?

—Can you honestly see spending the rest of your life with this one woman?

If you are satisfied with the answers of the above questions as well as others you may have asked your partner, then you may be ready to propose. If that is the case, you may be wondering how to go about it.

For example, you may consider getting creative. One of the classic alternative ways to present a ring to a woman is to put it in the bottom of a wine or champagne glass at the dinner table.

You might consider going Christmas tree shopping with your mate and placing the gift under a Christmas tree you intend to buy. Some people have had a ring sent to their mate while a romantic dinner is being served at a restaurant.

If you are planning on proposing you will want to keep it as much of a secret as possible. Therefore, you will want to mention your proposal plans to as few of your girlfriends’ friends or family members as possible.

It would be best to only tell as many people as those who are able to keep a secret. Those people can perhaps also help you with setting the right engagement scene as well.

Also, it is recommended that you have a back-up plan in case your first proposal plan does not work. More importantly, if your girlfriend says she is not ready to be married it may not mean that she does not love you. Just be patient and give her some time to reconsider.