How to Get a Man to Reveal What’s Going on Inside Him

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A man sometimes will not open up for a variety of reasons. One of the most common causes of a man building walls is fear of rejection.

The fear of rejection that a man experiences has to do with losing a sense of identity in situations in the event he will be laughed at. Worse yet, if someone pokes fun at him after he reveals his true feelings he can feel even more humiliated.

When a man talks to you, especially if he begins revealing his deepest troubles and unresolved feelings, do your best to listen carefully. When you listen to what he is saying, try to put your best effort towards understanding what he is talking about. Furthermore, respect his willingness to open up without judging him.

If you listen with care and with an open mind he will likely open up to you again more in the future. Also, when you keep the criticism to a minimum and make an effort to spend time with your man he will know that you will be there for him no matter what.

Keep in mind also that though there is no excuse for cheating, a man is often tempted to go outside of a relationship to be understood. This may be a shock to those women who think that all a man wants is sex when he is tempted to cheat. Nothing is further from the truth.

Men have just as much of a need to feel close to someone is women. They may not always openly admit it but it is true. Some men are cold-hearted and abusive. However, a large number of them are very kind and gentle, genuinely seeking intimacy to whatever capacity they are able to achieve it.

Now, if you are a woman who had in the past been too critical and judgment of your man do not beat yourself up. It may not be too late to patch up your relationship and to make it flourish again.

On the other hand, if your man had cheated already you are not at fault for that happening. Furthermore, you are not obligated to stay with him either.

However, if you are willing to give him another chance you might want to try to make an effort to understand him more and also try to focus on his good qualities. He may not deserve another chance, but sometimes love can work wonders.

If a man is afraid to open up at first, and he will not even after you have showed that you care, just give him time. Even if you are one of the kindest and least judgmental people around he may still be hurting from past relationship failures.

He could even be afraid to open up because a family member put him down regularly. Although you want to be careful about being attached to a total downer, you can actually be instrumental in a man’s quest for inner healing.