How to Get a Man to Want to Kiss You

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Kissing is one way to know how your partner feels about you. Certain types of kisses will ignite a spark between two people who are attracted to one another. If you are a woman, you can get a man to kiss you if you approach him right.

Whether you are on a first date with a new man or you have been together for a year or more, there are certain steps you can take to make that man want to kiss you. You can attract a man to you by doing one or more of the following:

Shower before your date and wear some quality perfume. Try to find the scent that matches your body chemistry the most. You will know as you test several perfumes and ask others for honest feedback.

Keep your lips soft. If need be, you may need to apply a scented lip balm or medicated lip gloss. Try to avoid any lipsticks that have a “funny” taste.

Observe his body language. If he seems to make quite a bit of eye contact with you and appears to be moving closer and closer to you, this may be the right time to kiss his lips. You may want to start out with a soft kiss by lightly touching his lips, and then let it progress from there.

You also will know when a man wants to kiss you if he does one of the following:

—He may touch your face or put his hand on top of yours.

—Perhaps he just paid you a compliment and is leaning towards you to see if you will respond by giving him a kiss.

—He will respond when you reach out to kiss him.

If you wonder whether or not he enjoyed the kiss as much as you did (if you did) you may want to look him in the eye afterwards. If he appears to be gazing into your soul then chances are he feels the connection between the two of you as much as you do.

Furthermore, chances are if he is gentle with you while you attempt to kiss him he most likely is just as attracted to him as he is to you. If he tenses up, you may want to back off.

If you have kissed a guy and he seems a little uneasy, you may want to ask him if everything is okay. He may reveal that he doesn’t feel well, or he may make some kind of excuse.

Either way, the best way to know if he enjoyed the kiss as much as you did is if he calls you for a date by the end of the following week. If you are not sure if it is the right time to kiss a man you may want to avoid any awkwardness by waiting.

He may still be evaluating how he feels about you. If you go more than a few weeks without even the slightest kiss, then he may just think of you as a friend. In this case, you may want to tell him you find him attractive and find out if he feels the same way.