How to Get your Man to Some Housework for a Change

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Countless women around the globe wish that a man would do some work around the house once in awhile. Nagging him is not going to work, so what should you do instead?

The first step to getting a man to do housework is to simply ask him directly to help you with a specific task. He may complete it, and if he does then tell him thank you and try not to resent him and criticize him if he only does what you ask of him and nothing more. It may be enough at this point that you even got him to do anything at all.

If he says he will do it and then he does not get around to it as fast as you like you may need to talk to him further. However, if you plan to have a constructive conversation about the unfinished housework you may first need to blow off some steam about the lazy *ss (Keep your strong negative feelings about him to yourself, and do not call him names even if you are thinking them in your head. .)

Before you revert to nagging him and criticizing him and telling him he never does any work around the house, stop and take a deep breath. Perhaps you can call a girlfriend, as she will understand-especially if her man is the same way. You may also want to try venting about it in your journal, or chat about it to one of your online friends (preferably a female).

Once you are cooled down then you are in a better position to approach him. This will be easier to do if you have not already nagged him so much throughout your relationship. Even if you have, you can still reassure him that you value him as a person and that you need his help.

If he sees that you need him, he will not seem very threatened. For instance, perhaps you can explain to him although it may appear to him that you can “do it all” (because maybe he has said so) you really cannot. You need help understanding what it is you can do to make it easier for him to want to help you.

You do not want to baby him, but you do not want to drive him away. The best way to approach him is to keep the conversation low-key. In the event you cannot get his attention this way, then perhaps you will need to arrange a special time to talk to him about household-related issues.

This formal meeting would be a last resort, but if you need to have this type of structure in order to communicate with your man you can use this approach to his advantage as well as yours. For instance, it can be an opening for you to “check in” with him and find out if everything is going well with him.

You can ask him questions about his job and so forth-without hopefully taking too much time. Men like it when you get to the point, as long as you do not complain about the same thing for weeks on end.