How to Have A Peaceful Breakup

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Ending a relationship is hard enough for two people who have spent many good times together. It is even worse when the two people wind up arguing like cats and dogs during the process.

Even more tragic, is the kind of breakup where one or both parties are vindictive to the other. However none of this is necessary.

The best way not to have a bitter breakup is to not blame each other for the cause of the breakup whenever possible. Even when the other person may be at fault, it may be best to just say “I wish I could work this out with you but it I just will not be able to do that.”

Another aspect of not having a bitter breakup is to not take it personally. If a person breaks up with you remember that it may not be because of you. It may instead be because of that other person.

Perhaps he wants someone who is more into mountain climbing than you are, or maybe you are required to relocate for your job and you do not want to maintain a long distant relationship. It is not always because of some “serious” reason, such as cheating, chronic lying, or stealing.

Sometimes you may have tried to break up with a person and that person just cannot accept it. In this case, you may need to find a way to protect yourself. For instance, if someone is harassing you it may be necessary to file a restraining order against that person.

If you want to have a peaceful breakup you also will not want to trash your ex-partner’s character. This is true, especially in the case you were married and you both share the same friends.

Aside from having a few trusted friends to confide in, it is no one’s business why you and your partner broke up. Likewise, it would be better to tell your partner face-to-face before you inform everyone else of the breakup.

It is in very bad form for you to tell everyone except your partner in most cases. It also may be to your advantage not to tell most of the people in your life before you tell your soon-to-be ex in case he/she threatens you or them.

Furthermore, when you break up with your partner, pick a private enough place where you and your partner are fairly comfortable. If you do not want to break up at either of your places, perhaps in the park or while taking a walk would be the best place to do so.

If you plan to break up with your partner you may want to avoid doing so in places where you both spent quite a bit of time together. You also would want to avoid breaking up on the premises of the first restaurant you went to together, or while watching your favorite romantic movie together.

Furthermore, if you end it, be sure you want it to be over. It will be hard on you and your partner if you make up and break up more than once. Furthermore, it is best not to give a long-winded speech regarding the reasons why you and your partner are not right for each other.