How to Kiss in a Way that Will Turn your Woman On

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Kissing is both a sensual and sexual act. Your woman will feel closer to you emotionally and will be turned on if you do it just right.

The foremost important aspect of kissing a woman is to get the timing right. There is nothing more awkward than reaching toward a woman and watching her pull her head away.

Do not be embarrassed if this ever happened to you. At least you have learned your lesson. You know now to be sure it is the right time to kiss a woman. However, you may be wondering how to sense when a woman really wants to be kissed.

One way to know if a woman is ready to be kissed is to make eye contact with her and pay her a compliment. You may say that you enjoyed the evening you spent with her, or you may tell her that you think she has a pretty face. If she smiles back and has an expectant look in her eyes she most likely is waiting for you to kiss her.

If you want to play it safe you can kiss her on the check. However, even if it is a first date she may feel rejected if you do not at least touch her lips softly with yours. Speaking of playing it safe, if you doubt whether using tongue would be appropriate do not use it.

Instead, just give her a kiss that is just gentle enough to show you are sensitive to her feelings and personal space, but sexy enough for her to know you are interested in her. Kiss her like a girlfriend if you like her and not like she is a little kid, but consider the timing when deciding how passionate the kiss should be.

You may also want to consider location when attempting your first romantic kiss with a new date. Perhaps in the car before you drop her off or at her doorstep would be better than in a restaurant of crowded people. On the other hand, if the moment is right-especially if she kisses you first you know you can go for it no matter where you are.

If you are going to kiss in public, however, remember proper etiquette. A few friendly kisses during a dinner or on the dance floor or while taking a walk are appropriate. However, you want to avoid sloppy public displays of affection during which your tongue is stuck halfway down your girlfriends’ throat.

After some time has passed and you know that you and your new girlfriend are going to be exclusive, the kiss may grow to be more intense. It may even lead to your first love-making experience.