How to Know if your Partner is for Keeps

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In case you are sick and tired of wasting your time, you may want to learn more tips on how to learn if a partner is for keeps. The biggest indicator is in the behavior they display early in a relationship.

If you notice your partner is as nice and kind as possible to the people around him you will know this person has great potential. You do not want someone who is superficial, but if it is a genuinely kind person most of the time you can sense this is that person’s true character. This is the type of person you most likely would want to spend your life with.

On other hand, no one is perfect and most people have made mistakes in dealing with other people. However, if you notice that your current dating partner is more often than not rude to other service people you may want to think twice about building a life with this person.

You will want to be especially watchful for any excuse-making for bad behaviors that your partner makes. Beware, even if the person treats you like a queen now.

The person could be nice as a hot apple pie now. However, that attitude projected on others could eventual rub off. Worse yet, your potential new partner may already have been rude to you and you had only been on a few dates.

You also know if the person is for keeps if that person is prompt most of the time. Beware of someone who is late more that two times in a row without calling to tell you. This person obviously is not very interested in being with you, and you should think twice of being with this person.

Another way to know if your partner is for keeps is if he or she does not have an excess amount of baggage from past relationships. For instance, many people run into those who are still bitter about the way they were treated by their ex-spouse.

Although you are prone to show compassion for a person with a sob-story regarding a past relationship, be careful. There are two sides to every story, and it takes two people to cause a relationship to go sour.

Also, a person who dates someone who is just out of another relationship runs the risk of feeling unloved. Furthermore, dating someone with quite a bit of baggage will rob you of your right to be fully loved by the partner that you choose. Beware of excuses of non-commitment such as “I am afraid of getting hurt”.

Furthermore, if you want to attract someone who you would want to keep around for awhile it is important that you become a keeper as well. Work on yourself as much as possible before getting too serious with a new person too fast.