How to Know when Mr. Right Really is Mr. Wrong

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It happens all the time. A new relationship starts and a woman thinks she has found the one, until she has been repeatedly disappointed by the person.

There is no sure way to avoid heartache as forming a new relationship is always a risk. You do not always know how well or how badly it will turn out. However, there are some signs to watch out for if the person may not be right for you.

For instance, the man may have more than ones forgot his wallet, or did not have money to pay for the date. If this is something that really bothers you then you may want to confront him about it. If it does not change you may need to find someone a little more financially secure.

Likewise, if you know you would prefer someone who currently is working and has been working in the same place for a long time then avoid someone who has hopped from job to job.

You also want to watch out for someone who is chronically late for a date, and for someone who doesn’t even call when he is late to let you know you are still coming. A woman needs to feel that he can depend on a man, otherwise he may appear to be someone who is not that committed of a person.

The chronic lateness can be confronted, and can be corrected if you only wait as long as you said you would wait for him in the future. After a few times with you making other plans at the last minute he will get the message.

He either needs to be more punctual or he is out of your life. If he cannot respect your time then he may possibly be Mr. Wrong, and not Mr. Right.

Another sign that a man may be wrong for you is if he frequently forgets important events, such as your birthday. If you are the type of woman who wants to celebrate your birthday with a man then you may need to consider finding someone who values that same sentiment.

The same applies to holidays and anniversary celebrations. If it gets to be a year or longer and you have not even shared that many special times together then it may be time for you to re-evaluate your relationship with this man. Will he truly make you happy if you were married to him?

Speaking of marriage, another point in question should be asked about your man. If you want to get married and he is constantly balking about the institution of marriage and about making a commitment then you need to find someone else.

Worse yet, if your man repeatedly swings between wanting to marry you and wanting out of the relationship you also have problem. It could be that he is a terrible communicator, and that can be improved. However, it is necessary that you watch out because he could just be playing with your emotions.

Mr. Wrong is also someone who does not love you. It also can be someone who insists on getting married too quickly, or in having children and moving in together only a few weeks or months after you met.

If the man loves you he will wait for you and he will also be able to tell you he loves you. At the very least he will be able to answer with a definite “yes” if you ask him if he does.