How to know when to say I love you

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So you have been seeing this guy for four months now. You know that you care deeply about him. you also feel that he cares deeply about you. In fact he already told you that he loves you so much. So is it time for you to tell him that you love him as well? are you sure that he will treat you well? or will he turn into a monster after you tell him you love?


There are many uncertainties when it comes to love. You never really know if you are doing the right thing or merely using your heart and emotions to do something. You can also never be sure that you will be getting good out of the relationship. Many things can change in a short span of time. Nothing is ever certain. But if you really do love him, you have to take a leap of faith and let him know. If you take your time and do not actually tell him how you feel, you might eventually lose him because no one can wait for someone to let them know that they care as well. so how do you know if it is time for you to let him know how you truly feel about him? here are some indicators that it is indeed time for you to say the three magic words and let him know that you care as much for him:

• You can see a future with him.
• You are not afraid of the possibility of having and building a future with him
• You can see him as your husband
• You do not mind being his wife and looking after his needs
• You would love to have children with eyes like him
• You know information about his not so perfect past and yet you still care for him the same way. In fact you probably respect him even more because he actually told you about it.
• You feel so comfortable with him and feel that you can easily be yourself with him.
• He knows your hurts, fears and worries. He knows your deepest pains. He also knows the problems you have had in your past. And yet he still continues to love you and care for you.
• You feel this constant concern for you.
• You feel this sense of security that he gives you.
• He knows your family and they love him
• You have met some of his friends or family members and actually do not like some of them. But you still make an effort to meet up with them regularly because you know they are important to him.
• You do not like doing some of the things he does but you will because you know that he appreciates them
• You miss him a lot when you are not with him. but this does not mean that you cannot do work without him. you can function without him but you miss him.
• You would go out of your way to do things for him even if it means missing work.
• You would skip work because he has the sniffles
• You would think of his happiness when you used to only think about what would make you happy.
• You feel that he brings out the best in you.
• You feel that you would do just about anything for him
• You do not cringe when people start teasing him about him in your future
• You both actually talked about the future and you are fine with it
• You are making future plans with him in mind
• You feel that his love for you is steady and solid
• Other people can also feel his sincerity and his love for you. They will be a better gauge as they are more objective and can see things that you are probably too blinded to see.
• Your family totally approves of him and would not mind you ending up with him
• You accept his hang ups and flaws because they are a part of him.
• You both are so attuned to how you both feel and act

There are so many reasons as to why you need to tell your man that you love him. but bottom-line is, if you love him just let him know.