How to Let a Woman you Like her as “More than a Friend”

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Guys fear rejection by woman all the time. They want to tell a woman they are friends with, or even a woman they just met that they would like the relationship to be more than friends.

The hesitancy may be a good thing for awhile. You will want to have some kind of indication that the woman is interested in you romantically as well. However, sooner or later you may need to act on your feelings for her.

If you send the right message at the right time you will be able to preserve the relationship even if she is not interested in you. Even more so, if she doesn’t know you at all what is the worst that would happen except that she would say “no” and you would probably never run into her again.

If you are about to reveal your romantic feelings for a girl you like you may wonder if there are signs that she also likes you the same way. If so, please take a list at the following ways to tell if a woman likes you:

—She smiles at you quite often, and she makes eye contact with you frequently.

—She might giggle a little and act just a little “silly” around you.

—Perhaps she will share secrets with you and let you know that she never told those secrets to anyone before.

—She seems very interested in the things that you talk to her about. She also jumps for joy at the fact you and she have the same interests, same hobbies and/or similar life goals.

—She might compliment the suit you are wearing or tell you she likes your hairstyle.

—If you spend time with her she may say that she had fun, or that she had a great time.

—She flirts with you non-verbally. For instance, perhaps she sits close to you or playfully taps you on the shoulder while laughing.

If you have a pretty good idea that she likes you it may be time to take things to the next level. Perhaps you can ask her out on a date, or you can see if she wants to study together. You can also offer to fix something of hers that is broken, or attend an athletic event with her.

Any sign of interest you show in her will warm her up. Then, at the right time you can simply say “I like you” or “I had a good time”. You can also lean in to kiss her if you know the moment is right.

There is a chance that she does not feel the same way about you, even if she shows signs of liking you as a friend. In this case, you may consider giving it a little time and not pushing the issue.

There are times when a woman does not realize she has feelings for a man. This may be for a variety of reasons, such as suffering the plight of a recent breakup, a death in the family and so on.

At some point, however you will have to move on. Remember that corny saying your mother or grandmother always tells you? There really are “plenty of fish in the sea.”