How To Make The First Move Online

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How To Make The First Move Online

When you’re online dating, it’s easy to type up a great profile, sit back and hope that the man or woman of your dreams sends you an email. Sure, you can definitely use online dating that way, but you’ll soon find that the more you put into it, the better your results will be. There is no reason you shouldn’t be sending out as many messages as possible to increase your chances of finding the one! Here are the best ways to make a first move online.

Don’t send the same emails to everyone. People who do this aren’t fooling anyone! It’s crystal clear when an email is personal and when it’s not. Emails that sound like chain mail have a much higher percentage of being immediately deleted, and very rarely get a reply. Sending a message to someone should be equivalent to your first greeting anywhere else. You’d say something unique to that specific person. Read their profile and zero in on something that stood out. Let them know exactly what about their profile caught your eye and share something about yourself that they might find interesting. There is a fine line between being personal and over-sharing though, so this isn’t the best time to reveal every deep, dark secret you have.

Send them a “wink” or “ice breaker.” Many sites offer winks or ice breakers that are intended to let someone know you’re interested without you having to go out on a limb and email them. In generally, most people prefer to get a personalized email. However, if you’re new to the online dating scene and want to throw a few feelers out there, send out some winks to test the waters. Keep in mind though that sooner rather than later, you will have to communicate with the person you are interested in!

Join a meet-up group. Thanks to the powers of social media, online dating is now offline, but without the pressure. You don’t need to go on a first date to meet someone interesting face to face. Joining a meet-up group set up by your online dating site is a great way to get to know fellow online daters in a casual setting. If you do end up hitting it off with someone, you can schedule a one on one date for later that week, or even later that day!

Ask open-ended questions. The best way to make the first move online is to give the other person an opportunity to talk about themselves, because who doesn’t love that? When you send an email, make sure it is full of open-ended questions that show you are taking a keen interest in their life and want to get to know them more. Be careful not to come off like you’re interrogating them though, there is such a thing as too many questions. The more specific your questions are, the better. Get them talking and a dialogue going, and before you know it, you’ll be having a great conversation face to face.

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