How to Not Regret, and How to Avoid Future Regret

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Sometimes people feel regret when they have made mistakes they shouldn’t have. This is okay as long as the people who feel this way are not stuck in the regret mode. Furthermore, a little regret is alright if that person learns from the mistakes made.

For instance, a person may have a lot of regret because he or she was an abusive person in the past. However, holding on to this regret can stop a person from being a better person in the future.

Therefore, a person who regrets putting down their children, beating their wife, or any number of abusive things may seek help. If the person seeks the proper help there may be a complete turnaround and the likelihood of that person having a promising relationship and life in the future.

The same applies to a person who had a history of drug use, crime, lying or cheating. They may regret for awhile and then make the decision to move on in order to have a more fruitful life in the future.

After experiencing past regret, it is time to move forward and never look back. This is the time to avoid further regret by not making the same mistakes again. Also, if any consequences have resulted from bad behavior remember those consequences in order to not make the same mistakes again.

Other ways to avoid future regret include the following:

—Carefully weight each decisions you make-especially if it is one that could get you in serious trouble.

Accept the fact that even when you make a good decision bad things can still happen. Do not blame yourself for circumstances beyond your control.

—For instance, you cannot blame yourself if you thought you could trust your sitter and she abused your child. Instead, you can find a way to make sure it never happens again.

—Take the initiative to act on unfulfilled dreams. For instance, perhaps you always wanted to finish your college degree, or you always wished you would have taken some time out to travel before you got married. If there is a well there is a way.

—If you regret ever being unfaithful to a spouse, it is recommended that you own up to what you did wrong. Then, you will want to make sure to avoid future situations that would cause you to be tempted again.

—Have a more positive outlook, and do not think of yourself as a loser. You are what you believe you can be. Although you may have to face harsh realities such as financial setbacks, there is always the opportunity to make things better in order to accomplish your goals.

—Make decisions you know you are confident about. This will be your number one defense against making future serious mistakes.

If you are struggling with regret and you cannot seem to shake off that depression, counseling may help. A professional can assess your situation and help set you on a path towards healing and recovery and success.