How to Not to be Trapped in a Love Triangle

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Everyone has been in the predicament of meeting someone and enjoying that person’s company and then finding out that person is not entirely available. This fact can crush your spirit, depending how many weeks or months you have invested with this person.

Obviously, if you have no idea the person is available it is not your fault that you ended up in the situation. Also, the harsh reality of this fact can come as a shock to you. You may even feel as though you have a “right” to be with that person because by this time you may have given your heart to him or her.

You may love the person, but it mostly is a love based on who you thought the person was. It is not a caring and affection based on who the person actually is. As difficult as it would be, try to imagine what you would have done if you would have known that the person was taken before you accepted the date.

In most cases, you would have turned the person down. At the very least you would have accepted a non-romantic lunch meeting and you would make it clear that you just want to be friends. However, even this could be dangerous if you are strongly attracted to the person.

Before you consider staying trapped in a love triangle, remember this: you deserve the best for your life. Do you want to be stuck with a person who cannot fully love you, who is not fully devoted to you, and who cannot give you everything you want or need?

If you know the love interest you are involved with is also involved with someone else you at that point become part of the problem. You not only allow that person to disrespect you, and to disrespect the primary relationship, whether it is a marriage, long-term relationship or dating situation.

If you need to get yourself out of a love triangle you do not necessarily need to do it with hate and vindictiveness. Of course, if you did not know the person was involved you may show a little more anger towards the person than if you didn’t.

However, in either case you simply would want to get the point across that you will not accept being the other man/woman. After you make your point, then you would just very gracefully and confidentially walk away.

If you were truly meant to be with someone it would not be with a person who is attached to someone else. You have the right to decide that you want a “real” relationship based on honesty, trust, and intimacy rather than a “fantasy” relationship based on deceit, lies, and infidelity.

Believe it or not, you can also avoid getting into another love triangle in the future. The easiest way to do so is to look for signs of dishonesty in the person.

Perhaps the person often is late and does not even call you to tell you why. Or, the person has a female housemate that he is just a little too friendly with (i.e. you come over and there they are sitting snug with each other in their pajamas).

Another sign a person is not truthful is if he/she never invites you to his or her home. They also may not show very much interest in you other than for sex. Whenever in doubt about someone chances are it is better to leave it alone.