How to Win the Approval of your Girlfriend’s Mother

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If you are reading this, you probably already have grown quite fond of your girlfriend. You may even have already told her you love her, and even that you want to marry her.

Whether you are engaged to your girlfriend already or you are in the early stages of your relationship meeting her mother is a very important step for you. If you are a good man who is just a little nervous about meeting the woman who bore your girlfriend it is perfectly natural.

Many men feel as though they are being put on trial when they meet a girlfriend’s parents. This meeting can be even more difficult if the family of your girlfriend is very choosy. However, try not to worry so much.

The best way to impress your girlfriend’s mother is to act natural. Be yourself. There is nothing worse than trying to hard to be someone you are not and then totally “blowing it” and having to explain yourself later.

On the other hand, “being yourself” does not mean being rude and obnoxious and telling long strings of crude jokes. When you arrive, be pleasant and respond to a handshake or even light air kiss if necessary. Then, during dinner try not to dominate the conversation.

In order to avoid from nervously talking non-stop you may want to consider waiting for the mother to ask you questions about yourself. Do not give just short two-word answers but do not make your answers so long-winded you will bore her to sleep.

If the mother is talking, be sure to just sit back and listen, and respond with interest. Be careful not to interrupt her while she is sharing, especially if it is about her family. This is an opportunity to show the mom that you are interested in other people as well as yourself.

If it is a dinner meeting, you will want to show signs of gratefulness for the mom’s hospitality. Make sure you find something good about to say regarding the meal, even if you do not like the food. (By the way, you do not need to lie, you can say something like “I really appreciate the hard work you put into this meal” in a pleasant tone.)

Also, you might want to further show gratitude by cleaning up after yourself or offering to help the mom with the meal. Try not to appear over-eager and try to appear relaxed, even if you are nervous, but also show enough willingness to contribute to the meal as possible.

If the first meeting goes well, be sure to also follow up with future visits, or a thank-you phone call. As you get to know this woman who brought you your woman you may even consider giving her a birthday card or a holiday gift. She will appreciate it very much.