How, When, and Where to Propose to the Man You Love

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It does not always have to be the lady proposing to the man. It is perfectly acceptable nowadays for the woman to ask a man to marry him.

In order to be sure that your man will say yes you may want to look for the following signs he wants to marry you:

—He says he loves you at least once in awhile and he talks about the possibility of you and him having a future together.

—The relations is going fairly smoothly, and you both know you could see being able to spend the rest of your lives together.

—He makes an effort to spend time with you on a regular basis, and he is interested in what is most important to you. For instance, he makes an effort to be present at family functions and he shows interest in your work or hobbies.

—You have talked about marriage at least a little and you also know you agree on how you would live, how many children you would have, etc.

Aside from knowing whether or not he is marriage-minded you also will want to plan a very special proposal date. Try to make it a surprise whenever possible.

If you have a ring for him great, although you can just ask him without the ring for now. (Besides, it is better to know your partner’s ring size.)

If you plan to propose to your man, you will want to make it a memorable occasion. Think of it as a story you will later tell your children and grandchildren.

Furthermore, the proposal setting will need to be one that is of interest to your mate as well as you. For example, perhaps you could pop the question after a picnic in the park you and your partner first took a walk in.

You can also treat him to a nice, fancy dinner at a restaurant that serves his favorite food. Try not to choose a place where you will find his attention divided, such as during a football game or concert.

Another great idea is to ask him to help you to plan a romantic getaway. Then, in the evening when the mood is just right you can take out a ring, kneel, or sing your proposal to him by candlelight. Your efforts will most likely be especially fruitful if you had just cooked him a nice, hot meal.

Your men will most likely say yes when he is most relaxed. Therefore, choose the timing of your proposal carefully. If the plumbing is leaking at the cottage you rented for the weekend you may want to wait until you have gotten over the stress of it.

Also, if the man in your life has had the worst day at work in a long time it also will be a bad time to propose. Furthermore, if you know he is going through a bit of a financial rough patch you will want to wait a little while before popping the question-for as long as it takes.

While preparing to propose, enjoy the hopefulness of spending the rest of your life with your man. Also, be prepared to not have your heart crushed in the event you thought for sure he would feel the same way.

Overall, you most likely have nothing to worry about if the relationship is going well. You also stand even a greater chance of having marital bliss if your man shows definite signs of wanting to commit for life.