The Art of Stealing a Man’s Heart before He Steals your Soul

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You want to capture that man’s heart, and you want to do so before he steals your soul. What this means is you want him to become so “in” to you that he will love you and not take advantage of you.

A good man is looking for a good woman who has respect for herself. She is confident about who she is and cares about herself. She also presents a positive image of herself to the world and has a fairly good reputation.

A good woman is also one who can capture a man’s attention without trying to hard. She is one who is herself, and not afraid to show who she really is. She also knows when to use discretion, such as when to keep quiet.

Furthermore, she knows how to reach a man in ways that will please him and satisfy him. This satisfaction can come in a number of ways. For example, she may be an excellent cook and will be able to cook him his favorite food as a gesture of kindness.

Another way a woman can steal a man’s heart is be being there for him when he needs it. For example, perhaps he needs moral support while performing a number that could win him a scholarship to advance his musical career. She can also accompany him to his work Christmas party and show how comfortable she feels around other people.

A woman who steals a man’s heart is also one who is not quick to criticize. She also will not lose her temper often-if ever. Moreover, she is one who knows how to make a man feel good about his accomplishments, and about who he is as a person overall.

A good woman also will have realistic expectations about the man she is with. In other words, a woman who loves her man will enjoy him despite his minor faults and annoyances.

She will also be quick to forgive him when he has done her wrong, but yet smart enough to not allow her self to get hurt again. Furthermore, she will not bring up minor offenses a man has committed up during a future disagreement.

Another aspect of a woman who would steal a man’s heart is one who is able to “fight fair”. She can say what she needs to say in order to solve a problem, and she can community her needs directly.

A man likes a direct and assertive woman who can ask for what she wants like an adult instead of one who whines like a child. This woman also is able to choose her words carefully in a way that will not accuse him of not caring about her.

Aside from all that’ a good woman will present herself in a way that tells a man that he better not take her for granted. He will not steal her soul if she steals his heart first.