Unique Ways to Apologize to Your Partner

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Saying sorry is not the only thing you need to do to make things right with your partner after you have wronged that person. However, the sincerity of an apology does carry some weight.

If you feel bad about a wrong committed against the person you love you can choose any number of creative ways to show the person you are sorry. Saying your sorry is only half the battle in becoming a better person for your partner, but saying your sorry also shows that you have thought about what you have done wrong.

Sometimes it may take a little more than just simply saying the words “I’m sorry”. Your partner needs to know you really mean those words.

Therefore, you may want to tell the person you are sorry with flowers. However, beware that this attempt can get old if you end up being sorry way too often, so be careful.

Another way to tell a partner you are sorry is to say so in a letter. A heartfelt expression of your love for the person and a concrete plan towards positive change will sometimes be far more convincing than try to buy a person’s forgiveness with flowers.

When written the letter of apology to your partner, it would be more thoughtful if you would either hand write it carefully or print it on some quality stationery paper. You may also want to seal it in an envelope addressed to the person you are apologizing too. These sealing is a sign that you mean business.

Another way to prove you are sorry is to allow the other person time to decide if he or she will be willing to forgive you. You also will need to show that you know what you did is wrong without making excuses and you need to accept the fact that the person may not want to stay with you.

In fact, the previous point mentioned is the most important. You need to respect the space of the person you have wronged, and allow the person time to process the wrongdoing. You also need to be able to demonstrate the willingness to wait for the person for a reasonable amount of time.

The more compassion you show towards the person you wronged the better chance you stand of repairing the relationship. In the mean time, you are advised to treat the person with the utmost kindness without expecting anything in return for a considerable amount of time.

Once the relationship is more “back to normal” then you may be able to respectfully request things from your partner that are important to you. However, during this time of testing you may need to put your own relationship needs on the back burner temporarily.