For Men to Women: How to Keep the Marital Spark from Dying

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It is just as much the man’s responsibility to keep the marital spark alive as it is the woman’s. If you want to make sure that your marriage is exciting enough for your partner to want to stick with you for life consider the following options:

—Keep being romantic: Sometimes it is so easy for the man to stop sending his women flowers or giving her heart balloons. It is also very easy to forget that this woman you married needs just as many compliments as she did when you first started dating. In fact, she needs them now more than ever-now that you are both experiencing the reality of marriage.

—Give each other space: You and your wife will miss each other more if you both have your own activities. This will give you more to talk about when you re-unite after a day or an evening.

—Have a diverse social life: Everything you do does not have to be just about you and your partner. If you want to keep the spark from dying you will also want to be interested in your woman’s friends, family, and work-and she should be willing to do the same for you. Furthermore, try not to limit your socialization with others to just married couples.

—Make sure you respect your woman’s family: One of the quickest ways to get on your wife’s bad side is to constantly cut down her family. You also stand a chance of putting out the fire between you if you keep looking for excuses to get out of spending time with her family.

Make sure you make the most of the visits when members of your wife’s family come over, and be polite to them and find some common ground with them. Furthermore, set clear boundaries regarding how often they are allowed to visit so resentment does not build up between you and your wife.

—Always help your woman to feel attractive: This is very important, especially if she doesn’t have a picture-perfect body. At the very least you can tell her you like her smile or her dimples, or that she has pretty hair.

—Do not compare her with other women: This is the one area in which women are very sensitive. Do not tell her you wish she was as pretty as another woman, and be care how you talk about other women.

Yes, if your wife is secure in herself she will not mind if you joke about other attractive women, as she may make comments about other attractive men. Just be sensitive to the possibility that this type of joking could get out of hand if you are not careful.

Make time for just you and her: Make sure you keep that special time between you and her sacred, and try to make it more than just for sex. This time shared should be without the children around at least for a few hours. If need be, you can schedule time together on the calendar.