How to Be There for Your Man during Times of Hardship

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Sometimes your man needs to know you still love him. One of those times is when he is at his best.

The first step to being there for your man even if he is not at his best is to recognize that the depression, sadness, irritability, or worry he feels is only temporary. Also realize that sometimes he may not realize how circumstances have affected his emotions at this time and he may appear to be bitter or angry.

If your man is not in the greatest mood there are a variety of things you can do depending upon the situation. First, if he seems to “lose his cool” a little more often than usually it may be best for you to give him a little space. He may be fine as soon as a few hours earlier.

Sometimes it may be appropriate to give him a hug, or to put your arm around him, or to hold his hand. During times when he has revealed some bad news would be the best time, or at any time that he seems to be distant. Even so, if he does not want to talk respect his desire to be alone and process what is happening on his own.

If you give your man proper time and space to deal with what he needs to deal with then he may be ready to open up to you more. Just be patient with him, as sometimes women feel rejected when a man does not want to open up.

You may also consider reaching out to him in other ways as well. For instance, perhaps you can take his shoes off for him and rub his feet or you can make his favorite meal. This may be one of those times-believe it or not-when your man may need sex most of all as well.

Any encouraging words or advice you have that would fit the situation would be alright, as long as you know what you are talking about. If you are not sure you are informed enough about the situation that is bothering your man then you may want to hold off on the words until you received the whole story.

You also may want to use an indirect approach. You can as a woman help a man find answers on his own. This can be accomplished as you ask him questions about his situation.

In fact, this may be one of the best ways to get him to open up-by offering him to tell you how you can help him. He will respect you more for that than he would if you blew up in frustration at him for not talking to you about anything.