How to Communicate Effectively with Your Husband

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If you want to get anywhere with that man you need to learn how to talk to him. Effective communication between a woman and a man often requires softening the approach.

You may not be even sure where you went wrong lately. It seems no matter what you say to your man it is the catalyst for a fight. If this bothers you, and you are starting to feel as though no matter how careful you think you are with your words it may be time to ask some “why” questions.

The “why” questions you ask need to be non-threatening to your husband, and need to be as direct and to the point as possible. If he wonders why you need to know you can possibly explain to him that it will help you be able to understand him better so you can communicate better with him.

For instance, perhaps he may tell you to stop complaining or nagging. And, this time you may be making an effort to do so. However, he may be stuck in your old pattern, not expecting you to change.

It is not that he does not believe in you, but that he may have lost hope that things could be any different between the two of you. If this is the case, then there are several aspects of communicating with him you need to consider.

Tips regarding communication with your husband are listed below:

—If your husband seems to reject the opportunity to communicate with you it may be you happened to always choose the wrong time. For instance, it is almost impossible to talk to a man during a football game if he is a die-hard sports’ fan. Furthermore, you also want to be sure not to try to talk to him during his after-work unwinding time if he needs to be alone.

—You want to be relaxed when you discuss issues, so perhaps while lounging around on the couch or in the bedroom may be excellent conflict-resolution settings. However, be careful not to use sex and romance as your way to get what you want with a man.

—Being relaxed before discussing issues is optimal, but make sure you are not too tired. If you are so tired that you are beyond the point of simple comprehension this would be a very bad time to communicate with your spouse. You might want to try at lunch time or on the weekend after you both have had some rest.

—If there is no visible reason why your husband is willing to discuss things that are important to you, then you may want to ask him if everything is okay.

r, you may want to ask him if he would be willing to set a time and date to get together to spend time together soon, and to take time to discuss things. Beware that some men are avoiders by nature, however.

You may need to not tell him your intention for making a lunch date with him. This may seem deceptive, but it really isn’t if you desire to have more quality time with him.

—When your husband gives you the “okay” to speak then you will need to choose your words carefully. Make it about you and not about him because he may not even be aware that there is a problem.

—When communicating an issue to be resolved try to figure out exactly what it is you would like to see happen before you talk to him. That way, you can make the conflict-resolution time as brief as possible. It will also get accomplished what you want accomplished and will lessen the chance of a bitter argument.

For instance, you may simply say to him you would like to spend more time with him. If he says okay and doesn’t follow through perhaps you can make a date with him. If he accepts and follows through with this plan then maybe you can ask him to plan the next date.