The Art of Meddling: Practice Matchmaking with Care

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Matchmaking is a very risky business, especially if one of your friends is totally against the idea. How you approach the matchmaking idea varies, depending upon the situation.

For instance, a friend of yours may tell you straight out that they wish they could find someone they had more in common with. Perhaps you know of someone who likes to do some of the same things your friends like to do.

In other cases, you may use a more indirect approach. For instance, you know that a group of your friends will be getting together, and you think it is a great opportunity for a single friend of yours to get out.

The intention does not have to be for matchmaking directly in this case, but your friend knows that it could happen if there are a mixed group of people present. This kind of indirect matchmaking is just right for times when you all want to go out dancing, sing Karaoke, or a host of other activities.

If you are using the more direct matchmaking approach, make sure the situation is not too forced. In fact, it may be wise for the two people to meet at your house for a little while, and then if they hit it off they can decide to go out for awhile on their own to get to know each other.

Besides, even if you play matchmaker the two people you set up will most likely feel relaxed if they are on a date and you are not watching them the first time. If this was the case, they may feel like you are more like a mother versus a concerned friend. Give the “matchmaking subjects” some space.

You never know. Although a high probability of matchmaking situations do not go past a first date it is also possible your two friends will find true love. If they do find someone with whom they are compatible they may thank you in a variety of ways. Who knows? You may even be in their wedding party.

On the other hand, if the matchmaking situation does not pan out as fruitfully as you or your friends hoped try not to be offended. You cannot force your friend to be totally “in” to a person if that person is wrong for you.

Also, you will want to respect your friend. If he or she is resistant to the idea of matchmaking do not go behind the person’s back and set them up anyway. This could jeopardize your friendship, which is very precious.

The opposite is true as well. Try to be open to setting your friend up if you know of someone that person would be compatible with, otherwise your friend may get the impression that you do not believe in her.