For Men: How to Keep your Woman Happy

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Although some women may be impossible to please, keeping a woman happy does not require as much work as some much would think. The first bit of advice is not to try too hard. Also, keep in mind the following tips:

—A woman likes to know that you care about her. This can be demonstrated as you show interested in her as a person and in her emotional well-being.
For instance, she loves it when you praise her for her talents, such as when you tell her how much you enjoyed the exquisite dinner she made. She will also appreciate when you ask her how she is going, and how her day went.

—Acknowledge her for more than as just a wife and a mother. Your woman will respect you more if you see beyond the daily monotony-that she is more than just a child-bearer, cook, and ego-stroker.
Appreciate her for who she is, for her talents, for her creativity, beauty, organizational skills, assertiveness, and all the other things that drew you too her. Also, be very slow to criticize her as excessive criticism will crush her spirit and will ruin your whole relationship.

—A woman loves to feel attractive. In fact, this is just as much of a necessity for a woman as it is for men. Focus on the best qualities that your woman has, even if she does not have the picture-perfect body.
In doing so, your overall relationship as well as your love life will improve dramatically. Also, remember the following irony: your woman will be more likely to be “turned on” to you sexually if she sees that you genuinely appreciate her without any expectation of sex.

—See her as an equal to you. Your wife is meant to be your partner, not a slave. She has her own separate thoughts, feelings, emotions, and opinions about a variety of different subjects. She will respect you more and love you more if you allow her to be her own person.
Furthermore, she will be more able to contribute to any cause you find important if you let her. Support her in her ability to be able to support you and encourage you. The both of you can accomplish much more if you see her as equal to you and as someone you can work together with.

—Be faithful to her. There is nothing that ruins a relationship faster than broken trust. Always remain faithful to the woman you vowed to share your life with. Also, remember that no matter how hard things may get between you the grass is almost never greener on the other side of the fence.

—Be honest with her. If your woman is abusive or disrespectful to you be honest with her about it. Let her know you will not tolerate any mistreatment. If the situation does not improve then you may decide to move on. A good woman is likely to respect you and love you if you respect and love her. She also will most likely value her as much as she values you. You most often get out of a relationship what you are willing to put into it.