For Women: How to Hook a Man and Keep him Around

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Many women know how to attract a man but they know nothing about how to keep a man. This may be the case for a variety of reasons.

One of the reasons is that beautiful women rely too much on their physical appearance to catch a man. Now, this does not mean that all the prettiest women are unable to keep a relationship.

Nothing could be further than the truth, and it would be stereotypical to suggest this, especially since there are countless beautiful women out there who are also great mothers. Rather, stating that some women rely too much on their outer beauty means that some women simply do not know how truly valuable they really are.

Beautiful women-especially ones with the model body image, with all the right proportions, and all the right features-sometimes come across as shallow. This may not necessarily be the case, but it appears that way at times. These are the women who usually end up flaunting themselves, instead of presenting themselves in a confident manner.

As a result, many of the prettiest women in the world send the wrong message. They believe they are only good for “one thing”-sex. Therefore, they present themselves as being available any time any where, to any body. This is a sad, and very unfortunate, and unnecessary truth.

To make matters worse, the curse of low-self esteem and the “only good for sex” mentality is not just a plight of some the most picture-perfect women of the world. Numerous overweight women have often fallen prey to a guy who is desperate for affection and any sexual gratification he can get. This fact is equally as sad and unfortunate, and unnecessary.

The secret of hooking a man and keeping him around is not in physical beauty or sexual attraction. Rather, it is all about emotional connection. A man who truly values you and who truly wants you will see beyond the physical, and will appreciate a woman for more than just sex.

The first step in keeping a man around is to realize that he is not much different than you in some ways. He usually looking for the same thing you are-a meaningful relationship. However, he is looking for a woman that he feels respects herself enough to show that she is truly “worth it.”

If you as a woman respond to a man in a way that he knows you respect yourself, he will follow your lead. In other words, a man will usually take what he can get. If it is sex you are willing to offer him, chances are he will take it.

However, if are willing to hold out for awhile to give him sex, he will usually be okay with that too. In fact, holding out sexually for at least a little while (a few to several dates) will show him that you “mean business”.

It will be your test to him, to see if he is willing to accept the challenge, and men love a challenge. It is during this time of testing that a good man will see you for the truly valuable person that you are, and will stick with you for the long haul.