How to Avoid Fights

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relationships are beautiful things. It is so nice to love someone and have them love you back. But it cannot always be rosy. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. You both are very different people who have different ideals and ways of doing things. There is bound to have some friction that would cause some problems. You both are bound to have some arguments or even fights because of your differences. But it is not always good to fight. Talking is necessary but unless there is no other way to sort something out other than by shouting at each other on the top of your lungs, then try out a different solution. It is never good to scream and fight. It will only build up the tension and resentment for one another. So here are some ways to avoid getting into fights with your significant other:

• when you feel that the conversation is getting a bit too intense, keep quiet. Make the conscious effort to just keep your mouth shut. It is always good to win a battle. But remember you do not want to win the battle and lose the war. Let things simmer down.
• Take a breather if you need to. If you are fighting, let it go for the moment.
• Take a deep breath. It would help you calm down and focus on something else.
• Make sure that you do not scream at each other. This will even aggravate the matter even more.
• Get out of the vicinity. Distance yourselves away from each other. You will be so tempted to say something hurtful if you are together.
• Think about the situation before talking about it. You need to assess how you feel about the matter.
• Give yourselves space. If you are mad at each other, do not meet for the meantime. Allow yourselves to think about the matter at hand and try to think of a solution.
• Think back to the conversation. Think of the reason as to why you guys fought in the first place. it could have been your fault. It could have been his fault. But there is definitely some problem at hand. So determine what the problem is.
• Ask your friends and family for their opinion. They will be able to tell you if you are acting irrationally or reasonably. That way you will know how to phrase your words carefully.
• Make sure that you think about what to say. Do not just spout off like a geyser. This will not work. You need to make sure that you will be saying something substantial that will not irk him and aggravate the matter.
• Let him know that you want to talk to him. be honest about how you feel. But do not put the blame on him. he will get defensive and another fight will happen all over again. Let him know that you felt that way and let him know why you felt that way and what actions of his led you to feel this way.
• Listen to his explanations. Do not be defensive and just blame him. he has his own reasons for acting that way towards you.
• Make sure you both listen to each other. It always helps when you are both making the effort to talk to each and listen.
• Do not scream at each other. Keep your temper in check. It is so easy to just rant and cry but this would not work. the other party would just more annoyed and the fight will just continue on.
• Do not let your angry feelings stay on for too long of a period of time. It is not healthy and the bad feelings will just eat you up.
• Ask each other what you both can do to remedy the situation. Compromise is the key to making the relationship to work out. You both must meet halfway and try to find middle ground.
• Act out on those things you both suggested for your relationship. If he wants you to lessen the nagging, make a conscious effort to lessen the nagging. If she wants you to stop drinking every night, then lessen the drinking sprees to perhaps thrice a week or four times a week.

Relationships are never easy. But by avoiding full blown fights, it makes things easier. Talking about the problem always helps. So do more of this and keep the relationship longer.