How to Disguise your Promiscuous Past and How to Gain a Man’s Respect Now

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You may be a woman who is not proud of the number of men (or even women) you slept with in the past. In fact, you may think because of it you do not “deserve” any respect now.

However, it is never too late to regain your self-respect. The most honest way to disguise your promiscuous past is to not present yourself as promiscuous now. This may be tricky if you are used to relating to men on a sexual level. However, it can be done very easily.

One of the ways you can show a man now that you respect yourself is to not give into his first request for sex. For instance, if he wants sex on a first date you can tell him you are not ready. If he respects you he will wait at least a little while for you.

Also, while on your first date with a man-and at least a few dates hereafter-make sure you put your most intelligent foot forward. If he initiates a conversation with you about a subject (other than sex) that interests you take the opportunity to show him you can meet him on an intellectual level.

This will impress him, and will increase the possibility of a deep emotional connection between the two of you. In fact, you will feel good about yourself if at the end of the night he says to you, “I really enjoyed our conversation”.

Also, make sure you dress sexy enough to attract him, yet conservative enough for him to respect you. Furthermore, it is okay to give him a good-night kiss but do your best to resist any further contact for at least a few more dates. In fact, it is wise to hold out sexually for as long as the both of you can stand it.

Holding off on sexual intimacy will increase the anticipation between the both of you. It will also help you both get to know each other before deciding to “jump into bed.” It will increase the chance of building a relationship that will last.

Furthermore, holding out sexually for longer than usual will make it more meaningful when it does happen. This is even true if the first sexual experience between the two of you is less-than-perfect. Besides, the longer you are with your partner the more likely your sexual experiences will improve, because you will be confident in your ability to communicate with your partner.

One word of warning: the concept of developing a meaningful long-term relationship can “bore” some people. If this is an issue for you-because you are used to the thrill of hot sex with people you barely know-do not give up. There are ways to make a committed relationship just as exciting as those flings and one-night stands you used to have.

By the way, at some point you may choose to come clean about your sexual past. Your partner may also. However, it is important to remember if you have already developed a meaningful relationship by the time you get around to revealing your dark history there will be little need to worry.

Besides, it is up to you how “honest” you are with your partner. It is recommended you not give an exact number of people you slept with. You may respond to any questions about your sexual history with an answer such as the following:

“I am not proud of my sexual past, and I wish I had slept with few people than I did. However, I hope you realize it does not change how I feel about you.” Most likely the man in your life will understand. Besides, his past may be worst than yours.