How to get a guy to notice you

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So you have your eye on a guy. You are dying to go out with him. You have been eyeing since that time you bumped into him a month. You want to go out on a date with him. But you are not too sure if he likes you. So how do you go out on a date with him?


Here are some tips on how to make yourself irresistible to the guy you like:

• Place yourself within his vicinity. That way he would notice you more.
• When you are in a group and you see your boy, do not act boisterous and loud. It might just turn him off. But do show some enthusiasm for the conversation you are carrying with your friends. you would not want him to think you are a bore.
• Make friends with him. If you mingle in the same social circle, be friends with his friends. eventually you will get to know him.
• Be confident. All guys like a confident girl who can express herself well.
• Talk to other people. Do not make that guy think that he is the only person you will talk to. Mingle with other guys to make him realize that he is not the only guy in the planet.
• Do your own thing. If you excel in what you are doing, you will definitely catch his attention.
• Invite him to go out with you and your friends. that way he would get to know you better.
• Talk to him. Guys like girls who talk to them. They like girls who are confident enough to express their opinions.
• Be expressive with your opinions. Do not be afraid to talk about how you feel about something. But do not overdo it.
• Flirt with the guy you like. As you get to know him better, feel free to flirt with him. But do not flirt too much. He might think you are an easy catch.
• Be a girl. Let him help you cross the street and open doors for you. This does not mean that you are not independent. It would just make him feel like a man for being able to take care of you.
• Do not talk too much. Guys like women who listen to them. There is a time to talk and a time to listen. Be sensitive on that.
• If you guys are going out, get there 5-10 minutes late. That way he would not get the impression that you are too eager to go out with him.
• Be honest. If he asks you some questions about your past and your life, tell him about it. You do not want to start off a potential relationship with lies. But do not give all the facts just yet. Take your time to get to know more about him before you reveal more about yourself.
• Touch him when given a chance. If you are walking on the street, touch his arm as if to support yourself. You can also touch his arm if you want to call his attention on something. This will make him wonder if you actually like him or are just calling his attention. Keep him wondering. It will add your charm.
• Send him a text message or call him. if you work together or hang out in the same group, there are enough reasons as to why you can call him. when you do call him, ask him how he is. He would start wondering if your concern for him is something stemmed from friendship or because you actually like him.
• If he shows some interest, show him the same interest back. But once again do not be too eager.
• If he asks you out, do not make yourself too available. Do not jump at his first invitation. Try to reschedule. If he is interested enough, he would ask you again.

There are many ways on how to make a guy notice you. One tip would be to just be yourself. Do not try to act like someone you are not. Do not go out of your way to please him. when he starts noticing you, remember to play it cool. It would be nice to jump the first instance he asks you out. But try to avoid this so he will know that you are not an easy catch.