How to Get Back Together With Him

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after many months of arguing and fighting, you both decided to quit it. You both are tired of the rows and sleepless nights. But after a week without him, you miss him. you realized that you were both rather hasty to make a rash decision. You still love him and would love to try to work on it. But then you are not sure if he wants you back and would still want to work on the relationship. So here is how to get him back into your life:


• keep up to your “just be friends” line. Ask him out as friends even after the breakup. Suggest coffee. Check how he has been. This would also give you an idea if he is really over you or is just coping with every day just like you are.
• Ask his friends if he is really over you and what has he been telling them. This will give you a good idea as to whether you can try it out again
• Give him signals that you miss him. tell him that you remember the good times and you wish that it did not end so fast. If you get a positive response, then ask him if he wants to try it out again. If not, then forget about it. He is not worthy if he does not want you back as much as you want him back.
• Talk about your issues. There must have been issues that led you both to breaking up.
• Learn something from the failed relationship in hopes of rebuilding a new one.
• Go out with friends. do not make him feel as if your life would crumble without him. let him know that you are out having a ball so that he would not think that your world would revolve around him
• Do things that make you happy. This will make him realize that you can do without him. many men think that women need them. Make him realize that he is wrong for thinking this.
• Exercise. This will make you feel so much better about the breakup. This will also give you a fit and trim body, which other guys, including your ex would run after.
• Entertain other men. You do not need to go out on dates. But the word would get out to your ex that men are running after you. That would bring him running back to you.
• Keep the communication lines open with him. you do not want to ostracize him and kick him out of your life. you want him back in. so do send him text messages from time to time asking how he is. also call him from time to time sending him good wishes. That would show him that you still care for him
• Show your care and concern. If you know that he is going through a rough time at work, give him your moral support. He might have lost a girlfriend, but he does not need to lose a friend.
• Show your support in whatever he does. He will now open that little bookstore he has always wanted to for so many years. Let him know that you still care and believe in him. go to the opening of the bookstore and let him know that he did a great job.
• Let his friends know that you want him back. This will definitely get back to him.
• If he is willing to give it a try, go back to being friends. there must have been some lapse in your communication. So try to find where that gap came from and rebuild the communication. Be friends again and start talking well about things in your life.
• Learn from your mistakes and try to improve on the things that you lacked.
• Be sincere about wanting to make it work. Try to change yourself into a better person. But do not change everything about you. Just the things that need improvement.
• Talk about your situation. If you both want to make it work, talk about how you want things to work out this time around. plan things together.

As you both progress, you will be able to get him back into your arms. But remember that it will not be easy this time around. there will be old issues and problems. Make sure that you put in time and effort to make it work out this time.