How to have a Good Breakup

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After trying to work on a relationship for some time now and realizing that it still does not seem to work, then maybe it is better to remain friends. it would hurt a lot because not only did you love your partner, but your partner has also become a good friend to you during the time you were together. It would hurt a lot as you have invested time, effort and love into the relationship. To see it crumble would be so painful to endure. But once you make the decision, stick by it and carry it out.

Break UP

Here are some good tips on how to have a good and clean breakup:

  • When you break up with someone, you would want to make it a clean breakup.
  • Do not try to go for a cool off period. It never works. Cool offs are only preludes to breakups. Just get it over and done with. A cool off is a strange situation. You both are neither in nor out of the relationship, making the rules very tricky. Do not put yourself in this kind of situation.
  • After you have decided to break it off, take to your significant other.
  • Tell your partner how you feel about the whole relationship. Tell your partner about all the problems you have with the relationship.
  • if you both feel that you are remedy it, then it would be good.
  • However if you cannot find a solution, then decide to breakup.
  • Although this might sound like a cliché, it is always good to break off as friends. after all you both started out as friends, it is best to end it off that way.
  • Let your partner know that you would like to keep the friendship. You might not be there for each other as you try to find your own paths. But then reassure your partner that you guys will be able to resume your friendship after some time.
  • You may give your partner a hug before parting.
  • Make sure that you give back pertinent documents back to your partner, such as supplementary credit cards.
  • Go through your stuff when you get home. make sure that important documents are passed to the right people. If you both have a business together, then make copies of important documents and give him a copy. There is no point in spoiling the partnership if you work well together. Just make a schedule that would not entail you to meet.
  • If you work in the same place, it might be awkward. So try to make sure that you do not see each other within the next few weeks. It will get easier after some time.
  • If you own big properties, make a decision as to whether you will sell it and split the profit. you can also sell your share to your partner if you are not so keen on the property.
  • Do not give back all the things you received during the relationship. That is rather petty. Give them away if you have to. That way you will not be reminded of things.
  • Do not attempt to get back what you gave to your partner during the relationship. It is even pettier. Do not be an Indian giver.
  • Do not stop your common friends from seeing him. they are not involved in this.
  • Do not stop your family members from seeing him as well. this will turn ugly if you do so.
  • Do send him a text message from time to time asking how he is. but do not pry to see if he is on dates or is already seeing someone.

A breakup is one of the hardest things to do in a relationship. But once you make this decision, stand by it. It is easy to take it back and just go back to being lovers.  But remind yourself that this is best for the both of you. If you are meant for each other, then you will get to a point wherein you will both realize that. But for now, it is best that you both remain friends and lead your separate lives.