How to Let Him Know that You Like Him

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you have been consistently going out on dates with this guy. You are starting to like him very much. He has all the qualities that you like in a guy. But you are not sure if he is as into you as you are into him. so how do you let him know that you like him very much so he can make the next move and bring it to a deeper level? Here are some ways as to how you can let him know that you like him very much:


• be a bit more responsive. You do not need to always wait for him to hold your hand or stroke your arm. You can do a little bit of arm stroking. Do not just grab his hand and place it in yours. But hold his hand longer than you usually do.
• If you feel that he is moving too slowly, you can hold his hand. So it does not seem so obvious, do this when you are watching a scary movie. Though it is a cliché, there is nothing like a scary movie to bring out the gentleman in the man.
• Send him text messages that show him you care for him. they do not need to be very sweet messages. But just let him know that you care for him and are concerned for him.
• Make the effort to always look good for him. he will notice the change in you and appreciate the effort you make for him.
• Compliment him. make him feel like the best man in the world.
• Give him hugs. Guys like girls who can show their affection. You do not need to hug him all the time. This will make him think that you are an easy catch. But the occasional hug would make him know that you like him to some extent to let him hug you.
• Talk about things that are dear to your heart. It could be some problem you have or something you want to change in your life. he will greatly appreciate you telling this to him. he will feel like an important part of your life to be told something like this.
• Let him know that he is important to you. Tell him occasionally that you love his presence in your life and that you would not know what to do without him.
• Call him some terms of endearment. They do not have to be blatant that other people know you like him a lot. but they can be something simple like Dear. This could mean that he is a dear friend or something more than that.
• Be sweet to him. this could be something as simple as asking how his day went and listening to him talk or by getting him food on your way to meet him because you know he will be hungry by then.
• Let other people know that you like him. do not be so blatant about it. But let others know that you do like him. somehow the word would get back to him and he will make a move if he feels that you will respond positively.
• Go out with him on dates. If he invites you out alone on a date, do not hesitate to go out with him. But do not make yourself too available. You would not want him to think that you are easy to get.
• Spend time with him as a group with your friends. this way he would know that you also know how to have a life and your life would not revolve around him.
• Give him a call from time to time. Ask him how he has been or tell him a funny story. This will let him know that you remembered him and are thinking of him.
• Watch a movie together. This is one sure way to let someone know that you like them. No one would watch a movie alone with someone they did not like.
• Bake him cookies or cook for him. the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This has been proven throughout the years and your guy is no exception. Every guy loves a domesticated woman who can be a potential wife.

it is important that you let him know that you are really into him so that he would make a move. Otherwise he might get another message and just pursue someone else.