How to Show Respect to your Partner in Simple Ways

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Respect in a relationship comes in many forms. Respect or the lack thereof is evident in the way you approach a person, talk to a person, or treat a person.

Respect for another individuals starts with the manners you display on a first date. It is more than just about who pays for what on the first date, or how far you should go sexually on a third date. Rather, it is about showing your new date that you value the person, and have the intention of making it work with the person if possible.

Even if the first date ends and you decide not to see one another as anything more than possible just friends, respect is necessary. You never want to burn any bridges, especially ones not yet crossed. Even if you and your date decide not to continue a romantic relationship you may be great friends if you do not blow it.

More importantly, respecting one another even from the first date is essential if you intend to see the person again. Signs of bad behavior on a first date include the following:

—Excessive swearing, lewd jokes, and/or racial remarks
—Getting drunk-bad decision to make, especially the first time you are out with someone
—Closing the door on someone’s face (unless it was accidental and you readily apologize)
—Not sharing an umbrella in the rain
—Complaining about how much the meal costs, or the activity planned
—Ordering the most expensive item on the menu-unless your date insists you do so
—Playing a prank on your date-not a good idea unless you know the person’s sense of humor

Also, as you get to know a person watch out for excessive flirtatiousness, neglect (not making time for you), and subtle put-downs. If you notice that you are feeling bad about yourself the majority of the time you are around your partner then you may want to think twice about continuing the relationship.

Also, if you notice that your partner is unwilling to do his or her fair share in little ways that may be a red flag as well. For instance, you may be the one always paying for the meals, or you might be the one who does all the chores around the house if you live together.

Worse yet, if your partner shows excessive signs of abusive behavior such as making threats, hitting, throwing things, or constantly yelling and screaming you need to be careful. Sometimes people can “lose it” once in awhile under a great amount of stress, but if it is a pattern you need to take the necessary steps to protect yourself from further harm.

This is especially true if you are physically harmed, no matter how minor, even if it is only one time. Also, if your partner shows no signs of being willing to change his or her behavior (despite empty promises) you need to protect yourself.