How to Tell if the Guy You Like is Interested in You

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So, you haven’t gone out on a date yet, but the guy you like surely looks like he’s about to ask you out, but you’re not sure. The best ways to find out if a guy likes you is to watch his body language carefully and find out what he is saying to other people. Here are some surefire ways to find out if the guy you are into is into you as well:


1. He gives you “the look”. A person’s eyes are the windows to his soul. This hold true about the guy that you like right now. Check out how he looks at you across a room, while walking past you, or across the table when you are out with friends. He may give you a look that will do a complete sweep of you from head to toe which is the “checking out” look. When you are able to catch his eye from across the table, he may let the moment linger a little longer than necessary before looking back down at his food. Either way, by giving you these looks he is showing you that he is definitely interested in getting to know you better.

2. The things he’ll talk about. Your conversation will start out perfectly with him and chances are you will enjoy each other’s company more than you imagined. You will talk about many things, but he will start zoning into very specific questions about yourself and who you hang out with. This is an indicator that he is trying to find out what your values are and if they jive with his. He will also ask you if you are seeing anyone. This question will definitely indicate that he is interested and is hoping to have a good chance with you. So make yourself look available at least by not wearing a ring and not texting and using your cellular phone too much when he’s around.

3. He shows up unpredictably wherever you are. If he likes you, don’t be surprised to suddenly bump into him at the library or at a place where you usually go to relax like a café. If you are out with friends and he suddenly appears out of the blue with his own friends and you all decide to group up, then you can be sure that he’s been checking out your schedule with his friends and some of your friends. He may suddenly appear and tell you that it is such a coincidence. Appreciate his efforts by taking some time out to stop what you’re doing and talking to him. Chances are he’ll ask you to grab coffee or a sandwich with him so that your time with him can be lengthened.

4. He tells other people. Guys are usually private people who don’t like to talk about other people unless the other person really interests them. Having a friend who is both his and your friend, will definitely help in this area. If he has been telling your mutual friend things about you – like bumping into you, enjoying time with you – then you can be sure that he is interested in you in some way. He may even ask your friend to be a bridge between him and you. Old fashioned method, but it still happens. He will definitely try to get more information about you from your common friends to get tips on how to approach you the next time you meet. He will ask about your interests, your activities, your schedule, and sometimes your family. So by asking mutual friends, you will definitely find out if he is interested.

Aside from all that, once you know that he likes you make sure that you continue being yourself and not overdoing some things to get his attention. You were yourself before he noticed you, which is why it is important to remain natural and friendly. By being yourself and remaining well liked by other friends, he will realize that you are more fun than he expected. Finding out he is interested is one thing, keeping him interested is another. Be yourself and don’t be overly aggressive.