The Secret to a Spicy Relationship that Never Loses its Flavor

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So many factors are involved in a relationship becoming dull. In order to keep a relationship spicy you need to take great care to cherish your partner.

One of the reasons a relationship may lose its flavor is because you and your partner too often play the blame-game. Constant finger-pointing and criticism will not help your relationship any more than will beating a pet to a pulp. Hurting your partner with harsh words will cause that person to turn away from you.

In fact, many partners have left their spouses or long-term companions for a newer, more exciting relationship. Often this happens when one or both partners no longer feels loved. This also is often part of the reason a partner will used to justify having an affair.

Another reason a relationship loses its spiciness is because on or both partners stores up resentment. Not forgiving your partner can push your partner away from you. It also causes you to hate one another more and more-so much that you may get to the point where there is no love left to give.

Another factor of a failing relationship is one in which the two people do not make enough time for one another. Daily chores, job demands, and parenting responsibilities often cause a couple to live almost completely separate lives. At the very least, the pressures of everyday life cause a couple to forget what brought them together in the first place.

One way to keep the romance alive is to make sure you set aside time for dating, lovemaking, and/or common interests. If you fail to do this sooner or later you will never be able to repair the relationship, and you will either feel trapped or you will be apt to leave.

Another aspect of lack of spiciness in a relationship is the failure for one or both persons to accept each other, and appreciate one another. A man wants to be proud of his accomplishments, and a woman wants to know that she is valued for who she is.

You need to take great care to attend to each others relationship needs and to continually show appreciation to one another. Along with that, you need to make sure you continue to show each other that you find one another attractive. This is very important, so that you will not be tempted to seek extra-marital attention.

Also, remember the dangers of unfaithfulness are not limited to extra-marital sex. Any time you pay attention to another person more often than you do your spouse you are in danger of committing an emotional affair. You and your partner are supposed to be able to share your innermost thoughts, feelings, goals, and dreams with one another.

If you are unable to be emotionally intimate with your partner, you may need to discover the reasons why. Counseling may help the situation, and to help you determine whether or not it is possible to revive your relationship if you no longer feel that spicy connection you once had.